V.A. – 0dayrox Advanced Releases December 2017 – Vol.2

V.A. - 0dayrox Advanced Releases December 2017 - Vol.2 full

Near the end of the year still there’s a very interesting release schedule with potential Album of the Year status.

There’s great news; the greatest Rock band in the world (at least for me) TOTO, are back into the studio. If the initial single from the band’s upcoming retrospective set 40 Trips Around The Sun has a hint of familiarity, that’s not too surprising. The song titled ‘Alone’ could have easily fit into the sonic scheme of their last studio effort, Toto XIV – and that, in turn, harkened back to the feel and textures of Toto’s first five releases.
Love this!

Via Frontiers Music we have a fresh advanced single from OPERATION: MINDCRIME new album The New Reality, the third and final chapter in the musical trilogy from iconic metal vocalist Geoff Tate. Check out the new single ‘Under Control’.

Also on Frontiers, one of the most brilliant bands apperared in the last ten years, Swedish melodic rockers JONO, will release their new album ‘Life’ on December 1st. Check the awesome new single ‘Crown’.

RAINTIMES is the new, killer melodic rock project featuring Italian musicians Pierpaolo “Zorro” Monti (Charming Grace, Shining Line) and Davide Barbieri (Wheels Of Fire, Charming Grace) together with singer Michael Shotton (Von Groove), that will release their debut album on December via Frontiers Music. ‘Don’t Ever Give Up’ is advance, a fantastic AOR / melodic rocker.

Via Frontiers Music we have excellent news: In December they will release Blood, Guts And Games, the debu album by EISLEY / GOLDY. Yeah, singer David Glen Eisley and guitarist Craig Goldy, both formerly of Giuffria, have joined forces again in a partnership which sees the two artists bring back the signature sound that launched their careers in the early ‘80s. Just check the new single ‘Soul of Madness’.
Original Giuffria drummer Alan Krigger is featured in the music video, and also original Giuffria bassist Chuck Wright also plays on a few tracks on the album. It’s some kind of GIUFFRIA comeback!

Hollywood legend PRETTY BOY FLOYD return with their new album Public Enemies, out on December via Frontiers Music. A new single surfaced, ‘We Got the Power’, a furious hard rocker with lots of venom. Having outlasted many of the critics who cried “they’ll never make it,“ Pretty Boy Floyd continues to record and tour the world winning over news fans both young and old.

Classy AOR act HOUSTON have presented ‘Amazing’, the indeed awesome new single from their upcoming album ‘III’. This is a ‘double sided’ single, and this is the album version, a superb slice of ’80ws music.

A new group is about to be unleashed as Kivel Records are ready to release the debut album from ROMEO RIOT, a “supergroup” of sorts uniting members of Tango Down and Bombay Black, a former Farcry band member and ace Melodic Rock songwriter Jace Pawlak. ‘Twist Of Fate’ is the great second single.

Swedish Melodic Rock / AOR favorites ROULETTE have just released the lovely single ‘The Only Way’, while the band continues recording the songs for their long awaited upcoming new album.

And we have advances from the upcoming albums by ’80s American rockers ATOMIC LIP BOMB, MADMAN’S LULLABY, KING’S CALL, really good melodic rockers WIKDNITE, and a new DOWN ‘N OUTZ song titled ‘Overnight Angels (Live)’.


01 – Toto – Alone (Newly Recorded 2017)
02 – Houston – Amazing
03 – Raintimes – Don’t Ever Give Up
04 – Eisley – Goldy – Soul of Madness
05 – JoNo – Crown
06 – Roulette – The Only Way
07 – Romeo Riot – Twist Of Fate
08 – Operation Mindcrime – Under Control
09 – Pretty Boy Floyd – We Got the Power
10 – Atomic Lip Bomb – Blow It Up!
11 – Madman’s Lullaby – One Shot
12 – King’s Call – S.O.S.
13 – Wildnite – Days of No Trust
14 – Down ‘N’ Outz – Overnight Angels (Live)


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