SWEET & LYNCH – Unified [Japan Edition +1] (2017)

SWEET & LYNCH - Unified [Japan Edition +1] (2017) full

One of you asked for the Japanese version of SWEET & LYNCH new album “Unified“, including an exclusive bonus track.
SWEET & LYNCH — the super-band featuring guitarist / vocalist Michael Sweet of STRYPER, legendary guitarist George Lynch (ex DOKKEN, LYNCH MOB), bassist James LoMenzo (WHITE LION, MEGADETH) and drummer Brian Tichy (WHITESNAKE, DEAD DAISIES) — surpassed themselves with this sophomore effort, a vibrant record among the best of the year.

A couple years back we got Only To Rise, the first album from a collaboration between Sweet and Lynch. While more melodic rock and commercial than both artists’ other recent endeavors, the release still impressed, and proved that they twosome had surprisingly strong musical chemistry.
Both men keep busy in multiple acts, but have come back to give us another Sweet & Lynch record.

The duo’s debut album was an unexpected surprise, and definitely has had fans excited for the second release and their equally-notable rhythm section of LoMenzo and Tichy.
So, how does “Unified” stack up? Is the second SWEET & LYNCH album another success?
Once again, this release manages to stand as a highlight for all of the musicians involved, and it may even be better than they already impressive first effort.

SWEET & LYNCH - Unified [Japan Edition +1] (2017) booklet

There are certainly some lighter, more melodic rock oriented tunes with even some AORish flavor, but don’t be fooled: the album is not afraid to explore some other musical directions as well, and it’s perfectly balanced at it.

Numbers like ‘Promised Land’, ‘Make Your Mark’, ‘Find Your Way’, or ‘Bridge Of Broken Lies’ oozes class, all quite varied, different to each other, catchy, fueled by dynamic riffs and great vocals.

This Japanese Edition contain as bonus track the title track ‘Unified (acoustic version)’, which is very nice to hear in this stripped, more melodic version after the full sonic attack which is the entire record.

SWEET & LYNCH - Unified [Japan Edition +1] (2017) back

“Unified” does not quite reach the heaviness of more recent Stryper record, and thankfully does not go in the overly modern direction that many recent George Lynch albums have. It’s a very classy record with a late ’80s / early ’90s aura, catchy and easy listening for the most part.
Sweet’s vocals remain some of the best in the business, and Mr. Scary gets off plenty of riffs that will please fans.
The results speak for themselves; this is a strong package that features some of the rock and roll world’s leading titans doing their thing, and doing it well, very well.
HIGHLY Recommended


Marquee / Avalon ~ MICP-11376
【ユニファイド 】 / S W E E T ~ L Y N C H

01 – Promised Land
02 – Walk
03 – Afterlife
04 – Make Your Mark
05 – Tried & True
06 – Unified
07 – Find Your Way
08 – Heart Of Fire
09 – Bridge Of Broken Lies
10 – Better Man
11 – Live To Die
12 – Unified (acoustic version) [Japan bonus track]

Michael Sweet (STRYPER) – Vocals / Guitars
George Lynch (LYNCH MOB, KXM) – Guitars
James Lomenzo (ex-MEGADETH, WHITE LION) – Bass
Brian Tichy (The Dead Daisies, ex-WHITESNAKE) – Drums



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