SAMARKIND – Samarkind (2017)

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Praised by Classic Rock Magazine as one of the greatest promises from the genre, SAMARKIND are presenting themselves to the world with their pretty awesome self-titled debut “Samarkind“.

“Samarkind” is a collection of finely crafted classic hard rock with a blues groove. The band features an international cast of players: Polish guitarist Michal Kulbaka, Ireland’s Mark Dempsey on bass / David Byrne on vocals, and South African born drummer Marius Appelgryn.
Now you’re thinking, what’s big deal? Bluesy hard rock? There’s a lot of that going around right now.
And you would be right. But these guys have ‘something’.

SAMARKIND’s sound drifts back to Seventies heavy rock, loaded with of lots rousing riffs, riding over some bitchin’ rhythm and groove. Vocalist David Byrne adds his complimentary earthy and soulful voice to their sound. Hear his passion in the smoldering ballad ‘Good Man Call’ (did you know he was a heavy metal singer in the Eighties? Nope. Me neither.)

SAMARKIND - Samarkind (2017) inside

Guitarist Kulbaka is both a master and a maverick on the fret board. His guitar lines swerve and maneuver between classic rock, blues hustle, and country slide and slither.
Sometimes they all come together in a single song like ‘Skinny Rivers’, ‘Black Rain’, or ‘Touch Stone Man’. In ‘Black Rain’ finds him sounding like he’s doing some bottle-neck slide guitar. With ‘Touch Stone Man’, it sure sounds like his picking a Dobro, or making his Les Paul sound the same.

That song, ‘Fire And Blood’, and ‘Black Rain’ are also examples of how SAMARKIND sounds more like an American band.
They’re taking a blue line drive that runs from Muscle Shoals to Memphis, through Nashville, then on to Chicago, and back again. Outstanding stuff.
For genuine and classic bluesy hard rock, SAMARKIND is the real deal. Get it.
Highly Recommended


01. Black Rain
02. Sun Stroke Heart
03. Skinny Rivers
04. Good Man Call
05. Thru That Door
06. Fire And Blood
07. Touch Stone Man
08. Blue Mountain

David Paul Byrne – Vocals
Michal Kulbaka – Guitar
Mark Dempsey – Bass
Marius Appelgryn – Drums


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