ROMEO RIOT – Sing It Loud (2017)

ROMEO RIOT - Sing It Loud (2017) full

Sing It Loud” is the debut album from new Melodic Rock super-group ROMEO RIOT, released by Kivel Records only on CD (no digital download). Consisting of lead vocalist Mark Giovi (ex- Farcry), bassist Ty Sims (Bombay Black), keyboardist Jace Pawlak, guitarists Erik Johnson (Bombay Black) and Scott Miller (Tango Down), this is a Melodic Rock dream-team, and their first effort is a must for fans of the genre.

Listening to ‘Sing It Loud’ you have that feeling of days long gone when you discovered bands like Bon Jovi, TNT, Ratt, Warrant and their music became the soundtrack of your life at the time. Vocalist Mark Giovi name may ring a bell for Farcry fans. Also joining the line-up are two members of Bombay Black bassist Ty Simms and Eric Johnson supplying guitar and vocals. Rounding out this already stellar line-up is Tango Down’s Scott Miller.
With this pedigree of musicians you would expect nothing less than an incredible Melodic Rock album, and that’s exactly what you have with ‘Sing It Loud’.

This CD exemplifies everything I love about melodic (hard) rock: immediately memorable songs, catchy guitar hooks, layered background vocals, and a strong lead vocal delivery that stays in the pocket perfectly.
Thirty years ago this album would’ve fit seamlessly with stuff like Night Ranger, Bon Jovi or Def Leppard, and has the potential, at least to my ears, of holding the same feelings I have for those albums now in 20-30 years.

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With awesome tracks like “I Want To Try,” “Room To Run,” and the brilliant Olivia Newton-John cover “Twist Of Fate”, you have what may very well be one of the best, most perfect Melodic Rock albums to be released in a very long time.
One of the biggest attractions about “Sing It Loud”, other than just how great it sounds, are the lyrics.

Yes, some of the subject matter is tried and true stuff (love, love lost, inspirational, etc) yet it’s the route the words take. I love how they’re written, taking more of a story teller approach like Jon Bon Jovi did in the ’80s, and others like Tyketto’s Danny Vaughn, where instead of just tossing out the some trite clichés, they paint vivid images of hope or whatever the subject matter may be.
Like with “What If We’re Wrong” you can feel the pain of love loss, but you also feel the heartbreak of maybe that loss should never have happened.

ROMEO RIOT - Sing It Loud (2017) back

Romeo Riot’s “Sing It Loud” reminds me of better times, when Rock music was all about feel good melodies and sing-along choruses. If you’re familiar with any of the acts associated with the members here, you can guarantee that the musicianship is superior within this band, but you can also take to the bank that they’ve taken bits from each of their bands and created their own thing, transporting you back to younger days.
This is definitely a band that keep the true Melodic Rock flame alive. If you haven’t already grabbed this album, then you need to.

01. Room To Run
02. Streets of Babylon
03. Sing it Loud
04. Twist of Fate
05. What if We were Wrong
06. Same
07. Cry
08. I Want to Try
09. Every Now And Then
10. Best Nights of our Lives

Mark Giovi (ex- Farcry) – vocals
Scott Miller (Tango Down) – guitars
Erik Johnson (Bombay Black) – guitar, vocals
Ty Simms (Bombay Black) – bass, vocals
Jace Pawlak (Jace) – keyboards, vocals


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