RAGE – Nice ‘N’ Dirty [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded]

RAGE - Nice 'N' Dirty [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded] (2015) full

Rock Candy Records have ‘Remastered & Reloaded‘ the 3 albums by British ’80s rockers RAGE, available for the first time on CD, and believe me, all worth your attention.
Nice ‘N’ Dirty” was their second effort, and arguably Rage’s finest moment. Regarded as cult classic, this album rocks with muscle and melody.

Liverpool’s Rage were been born out of the ashes of well-respected ’70s hard rock unit Nutz, a group who had released four well received albums for A&M Records. With relations cooling between the label, the band and their management, it was decided out of sheer frustration and political uncertainty, to cut off those associations and move on to pastures new, albeit under a different name.
Re-branded as Rage, the band signed to enterprising independent label Carrere Records (home of Saxon, Rose Tattoo and Dokken) and began their fight back by releasing the album ‘Out Of Control’.

RAGE - Nice 'N' Dirty [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded] (2015) booklet

“Nice ‘N’ Dirty”, originally issued in 1983, played to their strengths, showcasing a determined and rugged sound befitting the hard rock zeitgeist prevalent at the time. It also signalled the addition of second guitarist Terry ‘Tony’ Steers, helping to reinforce their more muscular approach.
Perfectly produced by Peter Hinton, the album contains a number of impressive tracks, including the prophetic “American Radio Stations”, the melodious “Wasted Years”, and the quite commercial “Heartbreaker”, with a sound thet would be developed later by Bronz.

The riff driven of “Woman” has a style & sound later heard in Heavy Pettin’, while anthemic “Long Way From Home” is pure, classic hard rock.
Rage adds a bluesy touch to “Only Child” but still melodic, “Ready To Go” rocks with a pulse akin Mama’s Boys, while “Blame It On The Night” is that kind of tracks you want into an action movie soundtrack.

RAGE - Nice 'N' Dirty [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded] (2015) back

I still remember when I listened to death “American Radio Stations” alongside Survivor’s Eye Of The Tiger, Foreigner’s Juke Box Hero and songs in this vein when appeared at that time (’81-’83).
My cassette copy is already worn-out since decades ago, so big thanks to Rock Candy as this reissue marks the first official appearance of “Nice ‘N’ Dirty” on CD.
Fortunately, the original sapphic artwork cover to “Nice ‘N’ Dirty” featuring a pair of big-haired bimbos was respected in this Rock Candy reissue. In 1983, the international release of the LP was changed to a less racy cover with just one girl and some flashy effects (see above).
As said, a cult classic from the early ’80s British hard rock scene.

01 – American Radio Stations
02 – Wasted Years
03 – Woman
04 – Heartbreaker
05 – Silver And Gold
06 – Long Way From Home
07 – Only Child
08 – Blame It On The Night
09 – Wild Cat Woman
10 – Ready To Go

Dave Lloyd – lead vocals, guitar
Mick Devonport – guitars, backing vocals
Terry ‘Tony’ Steers – guitars
Keith Mulholland – bass
John Mylett – drums


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