PAGANINI – Weapon Of Love [YesterRock remastered +4]

PAGANINI - Weapon Of Love [YesterRock remastered +4] full

Yesterrock, the excellent Munich based label specializing in re-releasing classic albums, managed to put out the first 2 records by PAGANINI, both impeccably digitally remastered and containing bonus tracks. Originally released in 1985, “Weapon Of Love” is the debut album from Swiss / German melodic hard rock band Paganini, named after lead vocalist Marco “Mark” Paganini.

When PAGANINI was founded, Marco already had a vast experience having recorded two albums with the interesting band VIVA, the group fronted by Scorpions’ Michael & Rudolf Schenker sister.
Marco wanted a more commercial sound, the kind of melodic hard rock that was so prevalent in the mid ’80s: tight guitars, strong rhythm section, and catchy choruses.

PAGANINI’s style is typically European, especially German. Marco Paganini has a strong, sometimes sensual raspy voice perfectly suited for this type of music, and the songs are carried by pair of flashy guitarists in Ralph Murthy and Edgar Zanoni.
Put them together and you get a hard rockin’ album with cool hooks, loads of melody and fine choruses.

I’d put PAGANINI’s style & sound somewhere between HEAVY PETTIN’ (title track ‘Weapon of Love’, ‘You Got Me Crazy’), KEEL (‘Guardian Angel’), and MAMA’S BOYS, there’s some McAULEY / SCHENKER touches (‘Break it Up’, ‘I Got What You Need’), and also a bit of an Americanized melodies akin an early AUTOGRAPH (‘I Can Feel It’) and DOKKEN.

Easily my favorite track is the AORish ‘Not Just Another Affair’, a song with equal parts of Euro / American influences with dry / sharp guitars, lots of harmony vocals and that kind of ‘action movie soundtrack feel.
The other track I love from this album is the haunting rhythm of ‘Berlin By Night’, a groovy rocker with which the band had a radio hit in Germany. The song was one of the lead tunes of the now legendary Munich City Nights compilations / radio show.

PAGANINI - Weapon Of Love [YesterRock remastered +4] back

While not essential, if you are fan of the classic mid-Eighties melodic hard rock sound – particularly the European variety – PAGANINI’s “Weapon Of Love” is a worthy addition to your collection. Especially this remastered reissue: for years it was a much sought after piece by collectors, selling at high prices on e-bay… if they can be found at all.
Anyway, this Yesterrock release has become pretty scarce as well, quite hard to find.

The results of this Yesterrock remaster are pretty good considering the low budget production (at places drum sound is not the best), and as bonus you have 4 (!) versions of the non-album single ‘My Life’, another cut that made its way into Munich City Nights radio.
Pure ’80s stuff requested by one of you in this remastered version.
Easily Recommended

You’ve seen it first here, at 0dayrox


01 – Guardian Angel
02 – I Can Feel it
03 – Berlin by Night
04 – Weapon of Love
05 – No Just Another Affair
06 – Don’t Let Me Down
07 – Break it Up
08 – I Got What You Need
09 – You Got Me Crazy
10 – My Life (Radio Hit Edit)
11 – My Life (Instrumental Crossroads Mix)
12 – My Life (Mistery Soul Mix)
13 – My Life (Prayer 69 Version)

Marco ‘Mark’ Paganini – Vocals
Ralph Murthy – Guitars
Edgar Zanoni – Guitars
Iso – Bass
P.B. Bega – Drums



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