HOUSTON – Truth Slips EP + Singles + Cover Versions

HOUSTON - Truth Slips EP + Singles + Cover Versions - full

After the recent, awesome new album by Swedish AOR wonders HOUSTON some of you asked for the band’s rare “Truth Slips [EP]”, presented here on the blog at the time of its release, which now seems to be unavailable at retail stores.

Additionally, we have compiled a bunch of rarities; a single edit, a B-side, a non album track, all never included into any HOUSTON regular release, plus some wonderful covers by the band of classic AOR songs, done in the ‘HOUSTON style’.

In the ‘Truth Slips EP’ you have some acoustic versions of album songs, where ‘Under Your Skin (Acoustic)’ is exclusive to this EP now retired from stores.
‘Shout Out Our Love’ was released as standalone single last year but strangely, not included into the new album ‘III’, there’s ‘Standing On The Moon (Single Edit)’ shorter than the album version, and the fantastic cover of DAKOTA’s classic ‘Runaway (Italo ’82 Mix)’ a B side-only from the single. Love this special mix.

Additionally we have included some of the best cover songs done by HOUSTON such as JOHN FARNHAM’s ‘Justice For One’, ‘Love Is Blind’ (originally by JOHN O’BANION), or ‘Carrie’ (originally recorded by MICHAEL BOLTON).

HOUSTON - Truth Slips EP + Singles + Cover Versions

HOUSTON invited TOUCH’s founder Mark Mangold on guest vox for a version of his band’s classic AOR ‘Don’t You Know What Love Is’, and speaking about classics there’s a lovely take on ‘Don’t Ever Wanna Lose Ya’ (originally recorded by US Pompsters NEW ENGLAND).

An over an hour of HOUSTON’s AOR magic.
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01 – Truth Slips (album version)
02 – Under Your Skin (Acoustic)
03 – 1000 Songs (Acoustic)
04 – Truth Slips (Acoustic)
05 – Shout Out Our Love (single – non album track)
06 – Standing On The Moon (Single Edit)
07 – Runaway (Italo ’82 Mix) [B-side]
08 – Carrie [cover]
09 – Brief Encounter (feat. Laurie Mansworth) [cover]
10 – Don’t You Know What Love Is (feat. Mark Mangold) [cover]
11 – Don’t Ever Wanna Lose Ya [cover]
12 – Didn’t We Almost Win It All [cover]
13 – Runaway [cover]
14 – Justice For One [cover]
15 – Love Is Blind [cover]


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