BLACK ACES – Anywhere But Here (2017)

BLACK ACES - Anywhere But Here (2017) full

With their full-length studio album landing on many Top Debut Albums of 2016, Australian combo BLACK ACES have announced that their sophomore record “Anywhere But Here” will be released in Europe in November 17, 2017.
Co-produced by the legendary Mark Opitz (AC/DC, INXS, The Angels, Kiss) “Anywhere But Here” sees Black Aces deliver 11 tracks of barnstorming, unadulterated Classic Hard Rock.

With their second album, Black Aces keeps on working the fine Australian tradition that started with AC/DC. In fact, I think this might be the missing link between AC/DC, Rose Tattoo and Airbourne.
However, their music is a bit more melodic and maybe not so intense like Airbourne, but still with the same catchy melodies and riffs.
“Anywhere But Here” is pure happy party rock ‘n roll music. I can’t find a bad song, only rock that makes you wanna get a beer and enjoy. Just Gibson Les Paul straight to the amp, and cranked to 11.

The four-piece put things clear from the start: with the title ‘Show You How to Rock n Roll’, the guys indeed showcase the spirit of ’80s packed arenas – or sweaty clubs (packed as well).
“Anywhere But Here” is all about swirling guitars and lots of gang choruses, ‘Down’ slow the tempo for a monsta groove, and ‘Better Off Dead’ adds a bit of sleazy bounce.
The bluesy yet rocking riffs appear in ‘Where You Love From’, and later on the classy ‘Good Woman (Gone Bad)’ with some Great White on it.

BLACK ACES - Anywhere But Here (2017) inside

Did I mentioned that lead vocalist Tyler Kinder sounds Jeff Keith (Tesla) at places. Check ‘Run for Your Life’.
More groove and gang backing vocals impregnates ‘Short Changed’, then ‘Show Me Your Love’ bring images of early AC/DC, and for the end Black Aces make a statement of what they are and why they are here: ‘We Came For Rock n’ Roll’.

Yeah, you’ve really heard this type of music before. As Kinder said: “We aren’t necessarily trying to reinvent the wheel, but we are going to give it a bloody good spin!”
And they did it. It’s a fun, rocking classic hard disc, and very well done.
Strongly Recommended


01. Show You How to Rock n Roll
02. Anywhere But Here
03. Down
04. Better Off Dead
05. Where You Love From
06. Cut Me Loose
07. Good Woman (Gone Bad)
08. Run for Your Life
09. Short Changed
10. Show Me Your Love
11. We Came for Rock n’ Roll

Tyler Kinder (lead vocals, lead guitar)
Rhys Collier (rhythm guitar)
Alex McMillan (bass)
Pete McMillan (drums)


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