BERNIE MARSDEN – Look At Me Now [digitally remastered +1]

BERNIE MARSDEN - Look At Me Now [digitally remastered +1] full

Draw upon the just released Whitesnake 1987 anniversary edition, one of you asked for the white serpens original guitarist BERNIE MARSDEN celebrated solo recording “Look At Me Now“, recently remastered with a bonus track by Hear No Evil / Cherry Red Records.

Founder member of Whitesnake and with Micky Moody one of the two guitarists during the band’s classic era, BERNIE MARSDEN already enjoyed an illustrious career having been guitarist in Wild Turkey, Cozy Powell’s Hammer, Babe Ruth, UFO and Paice Ashton Lord (PAL), a band featuring ex-Deep Purple and future Whitesnake members Ian Paice and Jon Lord.

“Look At Me Now”, Marsden’s second solo album – made whilst he was still a full-time member of Whitesnake – is now being reissued, digitally remastered for the first time and featuring the original cover painting plus the rare non-album (single b-side) “Always Love You So” as bonus track.
“Look At Me Now” is a bluesy hard rocking affair featuring several tracks that easily could have been included in any Whitesnake album.

BERNIE MARSDEN - Look At Me Now [digitally remastered +1] booklet

You can’t go wrong with all the stellar musicians in this recording: Jon Lord (Deep Purple, Whitesnake) on keyboards, Neil Murray (Colosseum II, Whitesnake) on bass, while the drummer kit is shared between Ian Paice (Whitesnake, Deep Purple), legendary Simon Phillips (Jeff Beck, Judas Priest, Toto) and monster Cozy Powell on one track. Even Michael Schenker come in and supply some hand-claps to the end of one song.
Marsden six-string abilities are out of discussion, but the man also can sing wonderfully.

There are some real corkers here.
Opening title track “Look At Me Now” is a really catchy rocker, and “Who’s Foolin’ Who” has all the magic of the eighties, including Michael Schenker’s hand-claps at the end.
You can sense Cozy Powell’s boost on “Shakey Ground”, a heavier track. With Cozy at the helm what else could they call it?

BERNIE MARSDEN - Look At Me Now [digitally remastered +1] back

We have an intense groove driving “Behind Your Dark Eyes”, jumpin’ riffs in “Thunder And Lightning” and bluesy melodies on “After All The Madness”
Bonus track “Always Love You So” was featured as b-side of the title track single, yet originally was intended to be part of the album.
This a very well presented remastered release, with original artwork and sleeve notes from Bernie himself.
Highly Recommended

01 – Look At Me Now
02 – So Far Away
03 – Who’s Fooling Who?
04 – Shakey Ground
05 – Behind Your Dark Eyes
06 – Byblos Shack Part 1 & 2
07 – Thunder And Lightning
08 – Can You Do It? (Rock City Blues)
09 – After All The Madness
10 – Always Love You So (single B-Side)

Bernie Marsden – Guitar, Vocals
Neil Murray – Bass
Jon Lord – Keyboards
Ian Paice, Simon Phillips, Cozy Powell – Drums
John Cook – Synthesizer
Michael Schenker – Handclaps
Doreen Chanter, Irene Chanter – Backing Vocals


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