WHITESNAKE – 1987 Versions [Japan Only Mini-Album official release] Out Of Print

WHITESNAKE - 1987 Versions [Japan Only Mini-Album] Out Of Print - full

From the revisted WHITESNAKE ’80s discography, here’s another ‘extra’ you need to check and collect; the mega-rare Japan-only EP “87 Versions“. The versions / mixes on this EP were exclusive of this out of print release.
The upcoming “Whitesnake / 1987: 30th anniversary 5-disc super deluxe edition box set” will include, in disc 4, all these versions for the first time outside Asia.

While some tracks here already surfaced as bonus tracks years after – such as ‘Here I Go Again (New Version)’ also known as ‘Radio Version’ or ‘AOR Mix’ – when this “87 Versions” CD appeared in Japan in 1987 all these were unique to this EP.

WHITESNAKE - 1987 Versions [Japan Only Mini-Album] Out Of Print - inside

However, as example, the Remix of ‘Need Your Love So Bad’ remains rare until this day, something that will be solved soon with the 5-disc super deluxe edition box set.

The excellent central poster included, shows the ‘band evolution’ from the Deep Purple / Coverdale era to the Whitesnake days when this EP was released.
Great detailed info with all the countless line-up changes.

WHITESNAKE - 1987 Versions [Japan Only Mini-Album] Out Of Print - back

“87 Versions” was a limited edition piece, even rarely seen at auction sites.
A MUST HAVE for Whitesnake fans, and a collector’s item for everyone.

You’ve seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01 – Here I Go Again (New Version)
02 – Standing In The Shadows (Remix)
03 – Looking For Love (Unreleased)
04 – You’re Gonna Break My Heart (Unreleased)
05 – Need Your Love So Bad (Remix)

Out Of Print

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