SECTION A – Wall Of Silence [2017 edition +2]

SECTION A - Wall Of Silence [2017 edition +2] full

SECTION A, the brainchild of Danish guitar virtuoso (and multi-instrumentalist) Torben Enevoldsen (Fate, Acacia Avenue, Pinnacle Point) are presenting today “Wall Of Silence (2017 version)“, released last year by themselves but now via their new label Metalopolis Records with 2 extra tracks.

After 13 years of the band’s existence seems that for the new album Enevoldsen needed renewed inspiration energy; enter new singer Nicklas Sonne (Malrun, Defecto). Besides guitars, Torben played bass and keyboards, while Dennis Hansen (Acacia Avenue, Fatal Force) pounded the drums.
All Section A albums feature a special guest, so this time Julien Spreutels (Ethernity, Epysode) was invited to play the darn good keyboard solos.

“Wall Of Silence” (Section A fourth effort) is the band’s more straightforward rocking album, blending as usual melodic hard rock melodies with light progressive nuances.
The individual performances are highly impressive. Sonne has a beautifully melodious voice, yet is more than capable of adding that extra grunt when and where needed, while Enevoldsen is a hugely underrated exponent of his instrument, switching from soaring solos to fierce shredding and dirty crunchy staccatos quicker than many guitarists can change effects pedals.

Hansen’s drumming is solid and tight, while Spreutels’ adds his own sweeping, melodic interjections on guest forays to the forefront of the sound (Enevoldsen plays the majority of the keyboards nestling gently in the background).

The songwriting is solid, always entertaining and melodic. Enevoldsen (all the writing as well as the bass work) takes no chances with the basic formula, but instead concentrates on the solidity of the format, building atmospherics with aplomb combining massive melodies with catchy hooks and punchy rhythms.
But he is not afraid to unleash a fiery solo here and ease off the pedal there, resulting in a fluidity and organic feel to each track, and the album as a whole.

SECTION A - Wall Of Silence [2017 edition +2] back

“Wall Of Silence” is an album recommended for all rock audiences, blending elaborated passages with catchy melodies.
Section A may be essentially a solo side project for Torben Enevoldsen, but that does not prevent “Wall Of Silence” sounding like an entirely homogeneous entity rather than a vainglorious vanity settler: far from it. This sounds like a real band, and a real good one.
Strongly Recommended

01 – Wall of Silence
02 – Finding the One
03 – All That Matters
04 – No Tomorrow
05 – How Long
06 – Pray for Freedom
07 – Bleeding Chains
08 – Holding On
09 – When All Is Falling
10 – Killing Fields
11 – The Man in the Mirror

Nicklas Sonne – vocals
Torben Enevoldsen – guitars, bass, keyboards
Dennis Hansen – drums
Julien Spreutels – keyboards


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