ROBIN BECK – Love Is Coming (2017)

ROBIN BECK - Love Is Coming (2017) full

Finally ROBIN BECK is back with new album titled “Love Is Coming” to be released tomorrow via Frontiers Music. We had to wait several years, but well worth it: this is one of Beck’s best albums ever.
With the help of super talented Clif Magness co-writing and playing all instruments, Tommy Denander providing some amazing guitar solos, and the kind of meaty production (courtesy of Beck’s husband James Christian) that many latter-day melodic hard rock records lack, Robin Beck has round up a terrific new album.

I enjoyed this album from start to finish. The first 2 songs, “Island” and “On The Bright Side” launch the album with a happy, upbeat, melodic rock / feel-good factor.
In fact, I think “On The Bright Side” is perhaps one of the finest songs Robin Beck has recorded ever, her fine-grained voice has lost none of its belting power, and this track is four minutes of melodic rock brilliance.

“In These Eyes” is my favourite ballad on the album. It has a real sense of powerful emotion behind it, driven by the pairing of Robin Beck’s vocals with the keys. The albums titular track, “Love Is Coming”, is the heaviest of the tracks here, with punchy rhythm and a cracking chorus, and is a definite highlight.
“Lost”, takes us back to firm melodic rock midtempo territory, but the album has some quite varied styles throughout. “Crave The Touch” is another song with a good rhythmic tempo, while “If You Only Knew” is a soulful number showcasing a Robin’s different vocal approach.

“Here I Am” is another melodic rock song that feels like it gives us a deep insight into Robin Beck. It starts off slowly, and builds up the pace as it goes. It rocks, but it has a beautiful sensitivity to it.
“Girl Like Me”, another one of my personal highlights, contains all the trademarks that I associate with a Robin Beck song; her smooth vocals, an uptempo beat, and rocking guitar solos, a song that kicks ass and drips sass. It starts off with an excellent solo and we probably see more of her vocal range here on display than on the other songs.

The album finishes with “Warrior”, a very relaxed song which lyrically shows the kind of confidence and assurance that only someone with a resume of musical accomplishments that an artist like Robin Beck can lay claim to.

This album, like Robin Beck herself, shows a mature artist which has been cleverly enough to associate with one of the most talented songwriters / musicians in the business to create her new album: Mr. Clif Magness.
You can hear Magness’ touch in every arrangement, twist and instrumentation: he has played most of the instruments with class and style.
Robin Beck is intact in power and delivery, even better like never before as result of years of experience, while husband James Christian (House Of Lords) has provided an intelligent production; shard during the rockers, and poppy (but juicy) in the suave songs.
HIGHLY Recommended

01. Island
02. On The Bright Side
03. In These Eyes
04. Love Is Coming
05. Me Just Being Me
06. On To Something
07. Lost
08. Crave The Touch
09. If You Only Knew
10. Here I Am
11. Girl Like Me
12. Warrior

Robin Beck – Vocals
Clif Magness – All instruments
Tommy Denander – guitars
John Huldt – guitar solo on “Crave The Touch”
James Christian – intro keys, percussion on “Crave The Touch”


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