RIK EMMETT – Then Again… Acoustic Selections from the Triumph Catalogue (Out Of Print)

RIK EMMETT - Then Again... Acoustic Selections from the Triumph Catalogue (2012) full

Now this is a very special post; “RIK EMMETT – Then Again… Acoustic Selections from the Triumph Catalogue“, a disc released a couple years ago, but now out of print. It was requested many times at 0dayrox but we were not able to put our hands on it… until now.

For over a decade, the Canadian hard rock trio Triumph fronted by guitarist / vocalist Rik Emmett was the darling of its home country, eventually crossing over to break into the American music charts with songs like “Lay It On The Line,” “Never Surrender” and “Somebody’s Out There.”
Four gold & platinum decades in the music biz have provided entry into the Canadian Rock Hall of Fame, the Music Industry Hall of Fame and the Junos Hall of Fame, with a few ‘Best Guitarist’ awards in various categories garnered along the way.
But by 1988, Emmett was feeling the need to leave the Triumph and do something fresh. Venturing out on his own, his first album ‘Absolutely’ – quite melodic hard rock oriented, was a nice success.

Since then, the talented guitar player continued his commitment to prolific and conscientious music-making, morphing into different musical genres such as Prog, Jazz, Classical and more. Since 2006 Emmett also formed a duo with guitarist Dave Dunlop, which last album will be presented in this blog soon.

Precisely with the help of Dunlop on guitar, backing vocals and production, in 2012 Rik Emmett decided to bump into his past band once again… but in a very different way.
“Then Again… Acoustic Selections from the Triumph Catalogue” brings Triumph oldies but goodies back to life in refreshing new arrangements of these timeless classics.

What I expected from this collection was essentially acoustic ‘self-covers’ of classic Triumph songs, but Rik did a great job making each track stand on its own, not just as a homage to the original.
“Ordinary Man” is the stand-out piece for me – incredible adaptation, powerful and engaging. Of course there’s the hits “Lay It On The Line” done with a very intimate feel, and “Never Surrender” in a punchy acoustic take with passionate vocalization by Rik.
His voice is still in great shape after belting out such rockin’ songs in such a high range for so many years… impressive. The wonderful timbre that made him one of the best rock vocalists of his time is still very much there.

“Then Again… Acoustic Selections from the Triumph Catalogue” presents great versions of classic Triumph numbers quality made by the man who created them.
Over the years Rik Emmet has become an accomplished virtuoso maestro on acoustic guitar, and his distinctive touch is all over the place on this nicely done recording, an enjoyable re-imagination of the excellent Triumph catalogue.
Highly Recommended


01 – Never Surrender
02 – Ordinary Man
03 – Midsummer Day Dream
04 – Magic Power
05 – Fight The Good Fight
06 – Petite Etude
07 – Lay It On The Line
08 – Fantasy Serenade
09 – Hold On
10 – Suitcase Blues
11 – No Rest For The Wicked (bonus track)
12 – Secret Wishes (bonus track)

Rik Emmett – vocals, guitar
Dave Dunlop – guitar, backing vocals, percussion


Out Of Print :

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