EUROPE – Walk The Earth (2017)

EUROPE - Walk The Earth (2017) full

30 years on from the release of The Final Countdown, EUROPE are bigger and better than they have ever been. Following on from the success of the 2015 release War Of Kings and the 30th anniversary recording at the Roundhouse in London, the new LP “Walk The Earth” is due for release on the 20th October 2017.

Opening up with a barnstormer of a title track you know you are in for an exceptional ride.
Tempest’s vocals are almost Gillan-esque in their delivery and this should fit nicely with their upcoming tour with the mighty Deep Purple. Norum’s guitar work is hot and heavy and his penchant for intricate guitar lines is clearly in evidence here on this record.
For some this LP may take some listening to in order to really appreciate the production and songwriting, however the more you listen the more you get from the album and as such this is what makes the recording a winner.

Sure, there are the catchy melodic tunes as well like “Election Day” and the out and out riff driven powerhouse tracks such as “Haze”, but somehow there is a lot more to this record. At times it’s dark, moody and melancholic.
The kind of records that makes you listen, and then listen again. This is what makes it such a good recording.

Europe really are at the top of their game here and long may it continue, if this album is anything to go by we are in for a real treat as the band continues to develop.
HIGHLY Recommended

01 – Walk The Earth
02 – The Siege
03 – Kingdom United
04 – Pictures
05 – Election Day
06 – Wolves
07 – Gto
08 – Haze
09 – Whenever You’re Ready
10 – Turn To Dust

Joey Tempest – lead vocals
John Norum – guitars
John Leven – bass
Mic Michaeli – keyboards
Ian Haugland – drums


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