VOODOO SIX – Make Way For The King (2017)

VOODOO SIX - Make Way For The King (2017) full

Today September 8th 2017 sees the release of “Make Way For The King“, the brand new studio album from London based VOODOO SIX. Featuring new lead vocalist Nik Taylor-Stoakes, it contains twelve strong tunes of prime hard rock.

Voodoo Six might be a good example of what happens when you have a few false starts and several line-up changes as they’ve changed their singers, guitarist and drummer.
Just when everyone appeared to have given up hope that Voodoo Six would ever fulfil their obvious potential, they go and release “Make Way For The King”, on which the British band are at the top of their game, combining an Aerosmith groove with the twin-guitar grit of Thin Lizzy and the melodic infatuations of Thunder.

Kicking off with the aptly titled ‘Electric’, big hooks hit hard immediately as an intense biting riff weaves around a crunching main one. Nik makes his mark with a melodic howling vocal as a tasty wah-wah guitar solo midway rushes in.
Listening to the aplomb of ‘Let Me Walk’ or the kick-in-the-groin attitude of ‘Falling Apart’, it’s obvious they’re out to prove that the naysayers have got it wrong. The earthy virtuosity of guitarists Matt Pearce and Craig Price complements Taylor-Stoakes, who has an erudite Roger Chapman-like timbre to his voice, and overall the Voodoo do what they do so well.

‘Riot’ is nothing short of gritty, heavy blues with a powerhouse lead vocal. Personal favourite of mine is the jaw dropping seven minute epic ‘Amen’. It has rock radio airplay written all over it as an emotional lead vocal courses over a musical backdrop that rises and falls in swathes of laid back guitar lines and a violin piece midway.
‘Release The Hounds’ is all heavy funk rock that gets into your head with memorable hooks. The grandiose heavy balladry of ‘The Choking’ sees a return of the violin to add atmospheric textures.

VOODOO SIX - Make Way For The King (2017) inside

Things liven up as the bouncy rhythms drive through the catchy rock of ‘Walk A Mile’ with vibrant lead guitar solos that will get you headbanging. The album ends on a high note with ‘Swept Aside’, a more alternative styled song but powerful, as riffs swoop and chime throughout.

With “Make Way For The King” Voodoo Six has released their more complete, intense and solid release that will help the band to gain attention and interest for their music.
Finely produced by produced by Tom Fletcher (Ozzy, Scorpions, Toto), fans of bluesy hard rock with a catchy factor but elaborated passages as well should check out Voodoo Six’s newest output.
Strongly Recommended

01 – Electric
02 – Make Way for the King
03 – Let Me Walk
04 – Falling Apart
05 – Riot
06 – Amen
07 – Until the End
08 – Release the Hounds
09 – The Choking
10 – Walk a Mile
11 – Wasteland
12 – Swept Aside

Nik Taylor-Stoakes – Vocals
Tony Newton – Bass
Matt Pearce – Guitar
Craig Price – Guitar
Joe Lazarus – Drums


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