THE SISTERS OF MERCY – Some Girls Wander By Mistake +4 [remastered 2017]

THE SISTERS OF MERCY - Some Girls Wander By Mistake +4 [remastered 2017] full

I don’t know you, but I always had a soft spot for the early ’80s British Goth Rock musical movement – as example the very first The Cult were part of it – and THE SISTERS OF MERCY are another act creating some interesting stuff. The band had their commercial breakthrough in mid-1980s, but they achieved a strong underground fame before.
And that era is reflected on “Some Girls Wander By Mistake“, a new vinyl boxed set remastered 2017 that focuses on the band’s early years.

“Some Girls Wander By Mistake” is a compilation of The Sisters Of Mercy’s early work from 1980 through 1983 which was previously released, but now for the first time remastered and including as bonus two 12″ maxi-singles.
“Some Girls Wander By Mistake” retraces their formative years and its rise to cult acclaim.

Arranged in non-chronological order, the LP box-set begins with all four songs from The Sisters Of Mercy’s first EP Alice, which was originally released in 1983. The music – produced by Psychedelic Furs’ guitarist John Ashton – includes the EP’s title track, a cover of the Stooges “1969” done in a very own way, and more.

THE SISTERS OF MERCY - Some Girls Wander By Mistake +4 [remastered 2017] LPs

It also includes three songs the group originally issued in 1980: “The Damage Done,” “Watch” and “Home Of The Hit-Men.” Also there’s the band’s 1982 follow-up single: “Body Electric” and “Adrenochrome.”

This 2017 remastered reissue of “Some Girls Wander By Mistake” add as bonus music from two 12″ rare maxi-singles. The first is a re-recorded version of “Temple of Love” from 1992 that features renowned vocalist Ofra Haza providing harmonies, which remains the Sisters’ biggest international hit, peaking at #3 on the UK charts. The B-side is “Vision Thing” in its Canadian Club Remix.
The second 12” is “Under The Gun,” which includes an updated version of “Alice” (1993 version).

THE SISTERS OF MERCY - Some Girls Wander By Mistake +4 [remastered 2017] back

The Sisters Of Mercy’s sound is quite original, with singer-songwriter Andrew Eldritch melancholic baritone, Craig Adams’s pulsating bass, Gary Marx flowing guitars and the drum machine christened ‘Doktor Avalanche’ beat, leading the band to early underground success.
Not the typical band / style featured on this blog, but one worth to investigate for sure.
Requested by one of you. Enjoy.

You’ve seen it first here, at 0dayrox

Side One
1. “Alice”
2. “Floorshow”
3. “Phantom”
4. “1969”

Side Two
1. “Kiss The Carpet”
2. “Lights”
3. “Valentine”
4. “Fix”
5. “Burn”
6. “Kiss The Carpet” – Reprise

Side Three
1. “Temple Of Love” – Extended Version 1983
2. “Heartland”
3. “Gimme Shelter”

Side Four
1. “The Damage Done”
2. “Watch”
3. “Home Of The Hit-Men”
4. “Body Electric”
5. “Adrenochrome”
6. “Anaconda”

Temple Of Love (12″)
Side One
“Temple Of Love” – Touched by the hands of Ofra Haza
Side Two
“Vision Thing” – Canadian Club Remix

Under The Gun (12″)
Side One
“Under The Gun” – Metropolis Mix
Side Two
1. “Alice” – 1993 Version
2. “Under The Gun” – Jutland Mix

Andrew Eldritch – vocals, keyboards, drum programming
Craig Adams – bass
Gary Marx, Ben Gunn, Andreas Bruhn – guitars
Doktor Avalanche – drums


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