SHANGHAI – Take Another Bite [25th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Remastered +6]

SHANGHAI - Take Another Bite [25th Anniversary Collector's Edition Remastered] full

Fulfill this request (placed in one comment) is a real pleasure: the 25th Anniversary Collector’s Edition remastered reissue of “Take Another Bite” by SHANGHAI. Originally released in 1991 only in Japan, this is one of the best kept secrets – and unknown by many – from the late US Melodic Hard Rock scene.

Hailing from Connecticut, Shanghai appeared a bit too late into the scene but their management secured a contract with a Japanese recording label Teichiku Records for the band’s debut.
“Take Another Bite” charted at #19 on the Rock Charts in Japan, alongside Skid Row and Guns N’ Roses new albums.
The song “Please Me Tease Me” was featured in two Hollywood movies — The Amy Fisher Story with Drew Barrymore and Sunset Heat with Dennis Hopper. But the time for this kind of Melodic Rock was starting to fade in the US, and the album never was released outside Japan.

Shanghai‘s frontman Jayde said about this 25th Anniversary Remastered reissue: “The band has been together for 27 years. We didn’t recorded other full album but never stopped playing shows. It’s been 25 years and CD copies of “Take Another Bite” are still in demand.
There was a previous reissue in 2001 via Metal Mayhem Records but not remastered”.

For the first time, Shanghai are releasing “Take Another Bite” remastered in its entirety plus various bonus tracks in the CD version (there’s a vinyl LP too).
There’s two new songs especially recorded for this release in acoustic form, two tracks from StrangerToFear (a new project including Jayde and guitarist Tony Childs), a 1991’s demo, and a track written by Shanghai drummer Ron Kramer ft. Jayde that is just hauntingly beautiful called “Love Lost Along the Way”.

SHANGHAI - Take Another Bite - front

As said, Shanghai’s “Take Another Bite” remains unknown for most Melodic Hard Rock fans out there.
Shanghai are probably one of the best bands of this style to have come out of the US in 1990-91, driven by loud catchy guitars, big pounding drums, over the top lead vocals and multi-part harmony choruses.

The album was produced / engineered by the great Jeff Cannata and James Christian (House Of Lords), who also sang backing vocals. So expect a huge, polished sound.
There’s a catchy melodious rocker in “Please Me Tease Me”, “Love Under Fire” a’la Firehouse, and a stomping hard rocker akin Steve Steven & Atomic Playboys in “Hot To The Touch”.
“Shining Star” is a gentle Bon Jovi-ish power ballad, and “Without Love” is a terrific midtempo that could almost be Dare or Europe with one huge mid-chorus scream by frontman Jayde.

SHANGHAI - Take Another Bite [25th Anniversary Collector's Edition Remastered] back

Do not be fooled by the terrible cover artwork of this “Take Another Bite 25th Anniversary Collector’s Edition” remastered reissue, it’s the only bad thing on this release.
The music is a killer, awesome slice of US Melodic Hard Rock with ‘that’ 1991 lush sound, with a darn good n’ catchy sound.
The physical CD with bonus tracks was released at the very end of 2016 just in time for the anniversary, and if you want the vinyl LP (original album only) it just appeared 2017, few weeks ago.

You’ve seen it first here, at 0dayrox


01 – Please Me Tease Me (Remastered)
02 – Hot to the Touch (Remastered)
03 – Big & Sleazy (Remastered)
04 – Without Love (Remastered)
05 – Love Under Fire (Remastered)
06 – Caught in the Act (Remastered)
07 – Push It In (Remastered)
08 – Don’t Hide Your Heart (Remastered)
09 – Bad Love (Remastered)
10 – Don’t Hide Your Heart (Acoustic ’16)
11 – Just Like You [StrangerToFear]
12 – Through These Eyes (Acoustic ’16)
13 – Wide Awake [StrangerToFear]
14 – Love Lost Along the Way [Ron & Jayde]
15 – Shining Star (Demo)

Jayde – Lead Vocals
Jodi Reese – Bass, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Tony Childs – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Ron Kramer – Drums, Backing Vocals
James Christian (House Of Lords) – Backing Vocals



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