UNRULY CHILD – Reigning Frogs Box Set; CD4 Worlds Collide (2017) retail

UNRULY CHILD - Reigning Frogs Box Set; CD4 Worlds Collide (2017) retail - full

Frontiers Music has released a special box set from UNRULY CHILD, titled “Reigning Frogs – The Box Set Collection”, a limited edition 5CD pack including the rare and hard-to-find releases from the band’s catalog which encompasses their whole independent productions.
In all, five full length studio albums from this excellent Melodic Hard Rock combo founded by guitarist Bruce Gowdy (Stone Fury, World Trade) and drummer Jay Schellen (Hurricane, Asia).

Disc 4 in the box is the awesome “Worlds Collide” which featured the full reunion of the original lineup of the band featuring Gowdy / Allison / Marcie Free / Antonino / Schellen. This is truly a release that brings back the magic of the early demos and first record.
This rebirth of Unruly Child took many fans by surprise. On “Worlds Collide” the band springs to life with all the excitement and energy of a newborn.

The first two tracks are a bit modern and dark, but then “When We Were Young” kicks off a six-song string that 1990 radio would have been all over.
“When We Were Young” has highly melodic, nostalgic theme perfect for a reunion of this kind and and has become afan favorite. “Love Is Blind” is another great song that fuses the classic Unruly Child sound with that of contemporary hard rock, all helped by a huge sing-a-long chorus with great backing vocals.
Title track “When Worlds Collide” is an engaging tune with interesting time changes and another memorable chorus.

Things stay strong as we move into the final stretch of the album with terrific AOR candy like “Read My Mind”, and the rugged cry to be forever young in “Neverland.”
“Very First Time” is another winner, with one of the most instantly enjoyable choruses on the album. If power ballads are your thing, there are a couple of belters such as “Tell Another Lie” and “Talk To Me,” the latter featuring one of the more chill-inducing vocal performances by the great Marcie Michelle Free.

UNRULY CHILD - Reigning Frogs Box Set; CD4 Worlds Collide (2017) retail - back

This exclusive, limited edition, brand new “Reigning Frogs – The Box Set Collection” is beautifully packaged, not only including an extensive booklet with Unruly Child’s story written by Gowdy, Free and Allison and photos from the archives, but also an individual booklet for each album plus complete lyrics.
The CDs are pressed as Vinyl LP replica, cardboard sleeve, and you have a total of three bonus tracks unreleased outside Japan.

This is the retail physical box/CD, not the poor digital version floating around which, by the way, doesn’t include the original Japan bonus track, the really nice “Talk To Me (acoustic remix)”.
A superb Box limited to 1000 copies only worldwide!

01 – Show Me The Money
02 – Insane
03 – When We Were Young
04 – Tell Another Lie
05 – Love Is Blind
06 – When Worlds Collide
07 – Talk To Me
08 – Life Death
09 – Read My Mind
10 – Neverland
11 – Very First Time
12 – You Don’t Understand
13 – Talk To Me (acoustic remix) [Japan bonus track]

Marcie Michelle Free – vocals
Bruce Gowdy – guitars
Guy Allison – keyboards
Larry Antonino – bass
Jay Schellen – drums


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