THE WINERY DOGS – Live In Santiago & Beyond [Special Edition + Dog Years EP] (2017)

THE WINERY DOGS - Live In Santiago & Beyond [Special Edition + Dog Years EP] (2017) full

The great THE WINERY DOGS are releasing today “Dog Years; Live In Santiago & Beyond“, recorded all over the world during 2013-16. This ‘Special Edition’ is a five-disc package consisting of one Blu-Ray disc, one DVD of the live concert material and the eight music videos, two CDs of the live concert audio, and the DOG YEARS EP, a disc including previously unreleased studio tracks.

The Winery Dogs are a killer, virtuoso trio where each member shows what they’re capable of doing with their instruments. From the first song the band proves they can put on a powerful rock show and can get the crowd chanting their names.
Mike Portnoy’s drum chops are definitely on display as are Richie Kotzen’s guitar solos but when it comes to his style of singing you can tell the man has really matured as performer. And of course, Billy Sheehan’s bass guitar (a true ‘bass guitar’) kills all over the set.

Speaking about the set list, The Winery Dogs cover their entire, short but fruitful career.
There’s of course the opportunity for Portnoy to do a drum solo but it’s in control and short benefiting its effectiveness. Another memorable moment in this concert is when Kotzen expresses his more sensitive side by playing the song “Fire” accompanied only by his acoustic guitar.
Anyway, all over the set Kotzen can’t resist enticing us with his bluesy electric guitar solos showing the audience his shredding credentials. Even Bill Sheehen gets a chance to do a bass solo but after a while it feels like it goes on for too long.

All songs rock like hell, but particularly “Ghost Town” is awesome. The most ‘Mr. Big-like’ Winery Dogs song if you ask me.
The Winery Dogs unlike most contemporary rock bands are really good at live improvisation and during their jams they can throw in a Sly & The Family Stone reference but it’s their hard rock anthems such as “I’m No Angel” and “Desire” that make this show so kick ass and tells you why the audience are enjoying themselves.

If you don’t like live albums, you better check “Live In Santiago & Beyond” anyway – it kills.
And you don’t have an excuse here, because also included there’s the great “Dog Years EP”.
You have 5 previously unreleased studio tracks: the huge melodic rocker ‘Criminal’, the awesome groove monster ‘The Game’, an acoustic gem in ‘Solid Ground’, the pumping bluesy rocker ‘Love Is Alive’, and another groovy pearl in ‘Moonage Daydream’.

THE WINERY DOGS Dog Years EP (2017) front

The Winery Dogs has been around for only 5 years with just two studio albums under their belt, but as evidenced on “Live In Santiago & Beyond” it feels if like they were formed two decades ago.
For what we hear here, seems the band’s audience has been with them since day one, and will likely continue to go along for the ride on this musical journey.


Live In Santiago & Beyond:
01. Oblivion
02. Captain Love
03. We Are One
04. Hot Streak
05. How Long
06. Time Machine
07. Empire
08. Fire
09. Think It Over
10. Mike Portnoy Drum Solo
11. The Other Side
12. Billy Sheehan Bass Solo
13. Ghost Town
14. I’m No Angel
15. Elevate
16. Regret
17. Desire

“Dog Years” EP [prev. unreleased studio tracks]:
01. Criminal
02. The Game
03. Solid Ground
04. Love Is Alive
05. Moonage Daydream

Mike Portnoy – drums, vocals
Billy Sheehan – bass, vocals
Richie Kotzen – lead vocals, guitars



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