JOHN WAITE – In Real Time [retail]

JOHN WAITE - In Real Time [retail] full

After the recent Bad English post one of you asked for this quite unknown JOHN WAITE album “In Real Time” released via Frontiers Music some time ago. The album was recorded live but that meaning all musicians playing together in front of a small group of fans.
So “In Real Time” is not exactly a live album, just was done in this way with a view to getting back to basics: raw guitars & loose rock ‘n roll.
Thanks to this release you can honestly see how great this man’s pipes really are. All the way through this 12 track recording John let’s the music do the talking for him and it does him proud.

I mean with a legacy such as Waite’s, which includes five albums with The Babys, an outstanding solo career and two albums with his Babys partners Jonathan Cain and Ricky Phillips in the AOR super-group Bad English, every inch of his past is covered here from the beginning to this very point in time.
John set out to simplify what he remembered rock ‘n’ roll to be – a three-piece band with a singer. This record is a testament to that.

Kicking straight in with ‘Change’, John is taking no prisoners and, launching straight into ‘Back On My Feet Again’, John’s voice is still the powerhouse it used to be.
A mention has to be given to the band here which includes Tim Hogan on bass, Luis Maldonado on guitar and Billy Wilkes on drums. John provides some rhythm guitar as well.

JOHN WAITE - In Real Time [retail] back

John Waite’s “In Real Time” is a pretty killer record. All tracks are performed with fire, from the guts, and all are darn good tunes indeed. There’s very different versions of Bad English classics, ones that fans need to listen to.
Honestly, with a release as good as this, why John Waite is not packing arenas during this decade it’s a crime. Seems there’s a new album in the making for 2018…
I for one cannot wait(e)!


01 – Change
02 – Back On My Feet Again
03 – In Dreams
04 – Everytime I Think Of You
05 – Band Intro
06 – Prelude
07 – New York City Girl
08 – Best Of What I Got
09 – Missing You
10 – Head First
11 – Rock and Roll
12 – When I See You Smile

Vocals, Rhythm Guitar – John Waite
Bass – Tim Hogan
Drums, Backing Vocals – Billy Wilkes
Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals – Luis Maldonado



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