KJETIL BY (feat. Robin Beck) – Better Days

KJETIL BY (feat. Robin Beck) - Better Days - full

While waiting the new Robin Beck album in few months, you need to check her voice here on KJETIL BY‘s album “Better Days“. When this Norwegian started to write the songs for this CD, the intention was to record a pop/rock album with a melodic sound.
Kjetil wanted the best musicians for the sessions and we have TNT / Stage Dolls / Da Vinci members playing the parts, but the big surprise come when Robin Beck also said yes to join the project.

Not only Robin Beck sings all songs, husband and House Of Lords mastermind James Christian agreed to produce the album and also provide backing / harmony vocals. Robin become so much involved that Kjetil decided to release the album as “Kjetil By feat. Robin Beck”.
As such, this really solid collection of songs sounds more like a brand-new solo album from Robin Beck than a solo album from Kjetil By… but with a Scandi touch thanks to the arrangements, specially the keyboard lines.

So, all ingredients are there for a very good Melodic Rock / AOR / rock&pop album: great songs (hats off to Kjetil’s pen), fantastic performers (with Beck really putting heart and soul into the material) and a clear production (Christian & Kjetil).

As I like the whole album it’s hard to pick favorites, but for the moment I would go for opener and title track “Better Days”, “Everything Has A Price” (recalls Beck’s late ’80s), “Dancers” and the emotive ballad “Guide You On Your Way”.
Also note that the album ends with alternative versions of the aforementioned tracks “Better Days” and “Dancers”.

KJETIL BY (feat. Robin Beck) - Better Days (2014) back cover

Totally out of the blue came this fourth solo album from Norwegian guitarist Kjetil By, and it’s a wonderful, absolutely unexpected one: Robin Beck at the mic, no more no less…
Of course Robin, James Christian’s touch and all musicians involved are impeccable here, but you need good songs for the purpose, and Kjetil is armed with excellent tunes (co-written with Norwgian composer Claudia Scott) with 6 years in the making.

I love this kind of surprises, full of quality. “Better Days” is a must for any Melodic Rock / AOR fan, and I hope Kjetil will go on this way in the future.
Highly Recommended.

01 – Better Days
02 – New York Rain
03 – Everything Has A Price
04 – Carry On
05 – Dancers
06 – Only Myself To Blame
07 – White Nights
08 – Superseded
09 – Autumn Winds
10 – Guide You On Your Way
11 – Better Days (Alternate Version)
12 – Dancers (Alternate Version)

Robin Beck – Lead Vocals on all tracks
James Christian – Harmonies
Kjetil By – Guitars
Morten Skaget (TNT) – Bass
Steinar Krokstad (Stage Dolls) – Percussion
Dag Selbosakar (Da Vinci) – Keyboards


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