KIM SEVIOUR – Recovery Is Learning (2017)

KIM SEVIOUR - Recovery Is Learning (2017) full

Formerly the front woman of excellent progressive rock band Touchstone, KIM SEVIOUR has now launched her solo career with the release of “Recovery Is Learning“, today, July 28. The album has been done in partnership with one of prog music’s finest and prevalent musicians: John Mitchell (Lonely Robot, Frost*, It Bites).

Together Kim and John co-wrote and produced ‘Recovery Is Learning’. The album’s title has reason, as most the lyrics here.
After enduring various adversities whilst going through the writing process for the album, her ongoing struggle with M.E/CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) motivated her more than ever to inject her experiences and emotions into her music, which has culminated in a stunningly unique album that is sure to cement her as an artist to watch.

Then musically, John Mitchell never stops to amaze me. His musical development with the recent Lonely Robot albums is one of best thing I head in recent years.
Here with Kim Seviour, he has created a much more melodious, accessible palette of sounds. Both musicians glue perfectly to craft some wonderful cmpositions.

Seviour possesses the kind of dramatic, crystal-clear voice you’d find onstage in the theatres of London’s West End, dripping with emotion and perfectly suited to the lush, tasteful arrangements from Mitchell – forged in the It Bites mould – that envelops it.

Yes, musically “Recovery Is Learning” is dynamic neo-prog, very melodic and with lots of keyboards and synths but not used as simple complement of background, the keys take a center role in the music and I like it.

KIM SEVIOUR - Recovery Is Learning (2017) inside

The waltzing title track in particular drives the narrative along, thanks to a passionate delivery.
There’s hope at play too. ‘I’m strong now,’ she sings on closing track ‘Morning Of The Soul’, before launching into a heartfelt spoken-word poem.
Despite being the end of the record, this is the moment that feels like a starting point for Kim Seviour, and one she can grow and experiment from now she’s laid the foundations.

“Recovery Is Learning” is one of the best neo-prog album I heard in many months and one of the best debuts of the year.
Of course it’s Kim Seviour’s vehicle to present herself as solo artist and the woman’s great vocals are the main selling point here. But don’t forget John Mitchell, what a great talent. Sometimes dropping a heavy guitar riff, a places a rush of ’80s synths, then a clean and elegant guitar melody.
HIGHLY Recommended.

01 – Chiasma
02 – Call to Action
03 – Connect
04 – Fabergé
05 – Mother Wisdom
06 – The Dive
07 – Where She Sleeps
08 – Recovery Is Learning
09 – Morning of the Soul

All Vocals: Kim Seviour (ex Touchstone)
All instruments: John Mitchell (It Bites, Kino, Arena, Frost*, Lonely Robot)


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