BOW WOW – Signal Fire [Rock Candy remastered]

BOW WOW - Signal Fire [Rock Candy remastered] full

Some time ago Rock Candy Records started a especially numbered ‘JPCANDY’ series focused on the remastered reissue of Japanese bands / albums. “Signal Fire” is the second record from BOW WOW, a pioneer hard rock / metal Japanese act.
Signed by major label Invitation Records / Victor Japan, with “Signal Fire” Bow Wow exploded into the Asian market with the band opening for major acts such as Kiss and Aerosmith during their Japanese tours.

Originally released in 1977 only in Japan, “Signal Fire” is an album of intense hard rock fire-power. A record that combines fast-as-a-shark riffing with blistering lead guitar work and unique multi-layered phasing of a kind that had not previously been applied to hard rock recordings in such an impressive manner.

At this point, guitarist Kyoji Yamamoto was fast establishing himself as a craftsman with supreme technical ability. His playing was taking on a seriously brilliant sheen, combining the techniques and flare of influential Western players such as Ritchie Blackmore and Jimi Hendrix yet leaving room to create a style of his own.

BOW WOW - Signal Fire [Rock Candy remastered] inside

Hard rock tape-traders soon spotlighted Bow Wow as one of the best new discoveries of the era and hugely successful acts such as Metallica and Iron Maiden have subsequently gone on to confirm that this record was unquestionably a major influence.
“Signal Fire” – in fact Bow Wow’s first 3 albums – remain as a milestone in Japanese hard rock / metal history.
Requested by one of you (place yours!) a not easy to find fine remastered reissue by Rock Candy.

You’ve seen it first here, at 0dayrox


01 – Prelude
02 – Get On Our Train
03 – Just One More Night
04 – Silver Lightning
05 – Electric Power Up
06 – Rock ‘N’ Roll Drive
07 – Rainbow Of Sabbath
08 – Tell Me Tell Me
09 – Signal Fire
10 – Still

Kyoji Yamamoto — lead guitar, lead vocals, percussion
Mitsuhiro Saito — guitar, lead vocals
Kenji Sano — bass, vocals
Toshihiro Nimi — drums, percussion, vocals



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