7th HEAVEN – Luminous + Pop Medley 4 (2017)

7th HEAVEN - Luminous + Pop Medley 4 (2017) full

Today we’re presenting here the world-premiere of “Luminous“, the fresh new album from US melodic rockers 7th HEAVEN. Alongside the new album, the band are launching as well a new volume of their already famous medleys, the “Pop Medley 4”, covering famous songs ranging from Toto, Starship, REO Speedwagon and Foreigner to The Cars or Rick Springfield, to name few.

7th Heaven’s new album “Luminous” is another feel-good collection of melodic songs ready for the Summer plenty of timeless melodies the transcends all generations.
Being one of the hardest working bands in the world which averages 100 shows per year, 7th Heaven sounds and feels like a immaculate oiled machine.
“Luminous” is a perfect example that a completely self-managed band can produce a top notch product, from songwriting to production sound quality.

Always musically flirting with melodic rock, power pop, classic rock and a sound akin a mix of the ’80s / ’90s, “Luminous” should be 7th Heaven’s most ‘fluffy’ album to date.
It’s all good stuff like the anthemic ‘Home’, the infectious ‘Midwest Girls In The Summertime’, the hooky melodic rocker ‘Always’ or the wimpy ‘If You Change Your Mind’.
‘Eyes Wide Open’ provide the necessary light AOR touch, then’S.O.S.’ the poppy ballad.

7th HEAVEN - Luminous + Pop Medley 4 (2017) - disc

7th Heaven is a seriously prolific combo, in the past having released several double albums, but since the previous CD they have adopted the healthy habit of a 10-track album.
This format works much better in my opinion.

Also in the past 7th Heaven used to change the lead vocalist on each release, but “Luminous”, as on the preceding disc, still features Adam Heisler at the mic which has been with the band for three years now.
This round-up a more recognizable ‘7th Heaven sound’ and Heisler’s smooth pipes not only are now an integral part of the Chicago band, but also he co-writes all the songs.

7th HEAVEN - Pop Medley 4 (2017)

7th Heaven is also famous – and really good at it – for doing some pretty awesome covers of Rock classics. Alongside Luminous they just released ‘Pop Medley 4’, a new delicious compendium of songs.
In just only 30 minutes the band has comprised 40 songs!
The arrangements work flawlesly ranging from Toto’s ‘Africa’, Foreigner’s ‘Urgent’ or Kiss ‘Rock & Roll All Night’, to ZZ Top’s ‘Sharp Dressed Man’ and Ray Parker Jr’s ‘Ghostbusters’.
Pure ’80s magic.

You’ve seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01. Home
02. Beautiful Life
03. Midwest Girls In The Summertime
04. Always
05. If You Change Your Mind
06. Contact
07. Forget About Me
08. Eyes Wide Open
09. So Wonderful
10. S.O.S.
11. Pop Medley 4

Adam Heisler – Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keys
Richard Hofherr – Guitars, Vocals, Keys
Nick Cox – Guitars, Vocals
Mark Kennetz – Bass, Vocals
Michael Mooshey – Drums


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