PRIMAL FEAR – Angels Of Mercy [Live in Germany] (2017)

PRIMAL FEAR - Angels Of Mercy [Live in Germany] (2017) full

German metallers PRIMAL FEAR are returning with a vengeance today June 2 with a brand new live album / home video, titled “Angels Of Mercy – Live In Germany“, on Frontiers Music Srl.
2016 was a very busy year for the band. Following the release of their latest studio album Rulebreaker, in January the metal warriors embarked on a world tour which shattered all the previously held records for shows played in one year by the band.

While the tour was mostly stadium gigs including 11 European countries, USA, Canada, Japan, South and Latin America, and for the first time Australia, this album was recorded in Stuttgart within a smaller and more intimate venue.
The overall sound is big, clear and precise bringing out three of the best elements from Primal Fear: the vocal harmonies, the twin guitar leads and their powerful metallic melodic / hard rock groove.

The set list, of course, includes songs from the ‘Rulebreaker’ album, and all Primal Fear more popular songs from their discography such as a bold version of ‘Metal Is Forever’, a hot take on ‘Rollercoaster’ and ‘When Death Comes Knocking’, and the essential ‘Seven Seals’, from the killer album of the same name.

PRIMAL FEAR - Angels Of Mercy [Live in Germany] (2017) back

“Angels Of Mercy – Live In Germany” delivers an exceptional performance from Primal Fear.
It’s some kind of a Greatest Hits Live, hot, melodious, punchy, classic melodic metal at its best.
Very Recommended.

01 – Countdown to Insanity
02 – Final Embrace
03 – In Metal We Trust
04 – Angel in Black
05 – Rulebreaker
06 – Sign of Fear
07 – Seven Seals
08 – Angels of Mercy
09 – The End Is Near
10 – Rollercoaster
11 – The Sky Is Burning
12 – Nuclear Fire
13 – When Death Comes Knocking
14 – Metal Is Forever
15 – Fighting the Darkness

Ralf Scheepers – Lead Vocals
Mat Sinner – Bass, Vocals
Tom Naumann – Guitars
Alex Beyrodt – Guitars
Francesco Jovino – Drums
Produced by Mat Sinner


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