PAUL LAINE – Stick It In Your Ear [AOR Heaven Classix remastered +4]

PAUL LAINE - Stick It In Your Ear [AOR Heaven Classix remastered +4] full

PAUL LAINE‘s “Stick It In Your Ear” was requested on this blog some time ago in its ‘AOR Heaven Classix‘ (an AOR Heaven Records series) remastered release. And it’s one hell of a Melodic Hard Rock album.
Canadian musician, producer and singer Paul Laine hit the ground running in the early ’90s with the release of this, his debut album, delivering a perfect set of absolute classic Melodic Hard Rock tunes.

Mostly known for his 11 year stent fronting Danger Danger from 1993 to 2004 and releasing four studio and one live records with them, Paul Laine has also released two superb solo albums.
Of course Laine also was part of Andersen / Laine / Readman, Shugaazer and more recently in Darkhorse and the phenomenal album with supergroup The Defiants featuring Laine’s ex-bandmate from Danger Danger, Bruno Ravel.
But the singer presented himself to the Melodic Hard Rock community with this terrific debut “Stick It In Your Ear”.

“Stick It In Your Ear” is packed with top notch songs, biting musicianship and a superb vocal performance from Laine. All tracks are ridiculously catchy with awesome choruses to die for.
From songs like ‘Dorianna’ and the excellent ballad ‘I’ll Be There’, the album really showcase the set of pipes this man has and his sense of melody to craft a killer melodic rock song.
The overall songwriting is certainly inspired by classic era Bon Jovi, and this is toughened by Bruce Fairbairn’s production.
There’s fantastic rockers like ‘One Step Over The Line’, the kicking ‘We Are The Young’, ‘Break Down The Barricades’ and the groovy ‘Doin Time’.

The original release of the album contained nine tracks, but here’s augmented with 4 extra songs. All are excellent, and one guess why these weren’t included into the first CD press in the first place.
‘My Hometown’ is one of my favorites, probably the most stand out Bon Jovi-esque song as lyrically it’s very similar to Blood On Blood, and musically sounds very much like a mid-paced Bon Jovi song.

‘Only Your Heart’ was also recorded by Zinatra for their The Great Escape album, and ‘After The Rain’ is just another delicious slice of pure ’80s-styled Melodic Rock.
Results very rare you get a great album with bonus tracks that actually enhance the overall standard. This ‘AOR Heaven Classix’ remastered reissue of “Stick It In Your Ear” is one of them.

PAUL LAINE - Stick It In Your Ear [AOR Heaven Classix remastered +4] back

Why Paul Laine didn’t become a super-star with “Stick It In Your Ear” is a mystery. But talent pay its dues, and this gifted musician got the deserved recognition years later fronting Danger Danger and continues to this day with awesome projects like The Defiants.
Fan-damn-tastic Melodic Hard Rock record, unfortunately this ‘AOR Heaven Classix’ remaster is out of print so if you find a copy at a decent price buy it with your eyes closed.

01 – One Step Over The Line
02 – We Are The Young
03 – Dorianna
04 – Is It Love
05 – Heart Of America
06 – Main Attraction
07 – Doin’ Time
08 – I’ll Be There
09 – Break Down The Barricades
10 – My Hometown
11 – Only Your Heart
12 – Keep On Running
13 – After The Rain

Paul Laine: lead and backing vocals, guitars, keyboards
Kenny Kaos: guitars
John Webster: keyboards, synths
Paul GoGo: keyboards, backing vocals
Rene Worst: bass, fretless bass
Scott Brown: bass, backing vocals
Mickey Curry, Pat Steward: drums
Bruce Fairbairn: guest piano, producer

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