GOV’T MULE – Revolution Come… Revolution Go [Deluxe Edition] (2017)

GOV'T MULE - Revolution Come... Revolution Go [Deluxe Edition] (2017) full

GOV’T MULE fans have a lot to look forward to this Summer, including a long list of tour dates and a new album, “Revolution Come… Revolution Go“, arriving tomorrow June 9. This Deluxe Edition includes a Bonus Disc with 6 bonus tracks and different artwork.

As guitarist and frontman Warren Haynes said, the album’s politically tinged title is no accident. The band set up shop in the studio last Election Day, and the events of the last several months couldn’t help but seep into the songwriting process.
That mood is reflected in first single “Stone Cold Rage,” which Haynes said refers to both sides of the political divide.

Given the circumstances surrounding its recording and release, Gov’t Mule’s 10th studio effort is both the most urgent and poignant effort this classic rock beast band has released in its 23 years of existence.
Recording commenced on November 8 (last year’s American election day) and “Revolution Come…Revolution Go” comes in the wake of the recent passing of Gregg Allman (with whom Hayne recorded and performed for over 25 years for the reformed Allman Brothers Band).
There’s thus a palpable sense of dread on the storming cruncher “Stone Cold Rage,” which opens the set in classic Gov’t Mule, muscular fashion.

Elsewhere, it’s impossible not to contemplate Allman (and the recently departed Butch Trucks) when first hearing the wistful tribute to road life “Traveling Tune.”

The quartet flex their versatility on “Sarah, Surrender” with its elaborated chord changes but at the same time incredible atmosphere, while “Drawn That Way” starts as a bluesy groover before shifting into a spiky uptempo barnstormer.
There’s another high-voltage rocker in the grinding “Pressure Under Fire”, and more interesting lyrics in the album’s most blues-based moment “Burning Point” (“All this rampant stupidity seems to be spreading like fire”), which also includes a guest solo from Jimmie Vaughan.

In an uncertain era, signposted with fallen heroes, “Revolution Come… Revolution Go” is a comforting, potent affirmation that Gov’t Mule will continue to flourish.
The band’s tough, riff-driven attack along with Haynes’ raw, flinty vocals and the synergistic nature of the quartet which functions as a well-lubed outfit honed through years of live work, keep you focused on the music… a darn good slice of Southern-infused, heavy-blues Classic Rock record.
Strongly Recommended

01 – Stone Cold Rage
02 – Drawn That Way
03 – Pressure Under Fire
04 – The Man I Want To Be
05 – Traveling Tune
06 – Thorns Of Life
07 – Dreams & Songs
08 – Sarah, Surrender
09 – Revolution Come, Revolution Go
10 – Burning Point (feat. Jimmie Vaughan)
11 – Easy Times
12 – Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground

Deluxe Edition Bonus Disc:
01 – What Fresh Hell
02 – Click-Track
03 – Outside Myself
04 – Revolution Come, Revolution Go (Alternate Version)
05 – The Man I Want To Be (Live In Studio Version)
06 – Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground (Live In Studio)

Warren Haynes – guitar, vocals
Matt Abts – drums, percussion, vocals
Danny Louis – keyboards, guitar, trumpet, vocals
Jorgen Carlsson – bass

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