FRANK HANNON BAND (Tesla) – World Peace [retail CD]

FRANK HANNON BAND - World Peace [retail CD] full

After Tesla’s released their 9th album Simplicity, shortly after it was revealed that guitarist Frank Hannon started working on a new album with his FRANK HANNON BAND entitled “World Peace“.
The record first appeared digital, but later this physical CD was released, not easy to find though.

While on the road touring with Tesla during the summer or 2014, Frank spent all the lonely hours in his hotel rooms recording musical ideas. The songs started flowing so he would literally be recording music in the dressing room five minutes prior to Tesla stepping on stage.
After returning home Frank knew he had a batch of strong material, so current Frank Hannon Band members bassist Aaron Leigh and drummer Kelly Smith joined him in the studio to help put the album into fruition.

FRANK HANNON BAND - World Peace [retail CD] disc photo

When the majority of songs were recorded, an old original concept came back to Frank Hannon’s mind from the year 2000 when the guitarist wrote an instrumental native American chant song he titled “World Peace?” which asks the question: “When will it come?”.
With that concept in mind, the flames grew hotter and it shows in the lyrics on the CD.

We have here powerful heavy protests tracks such as “The Picture”, “Electric Chair” and “Born Free” mixed with the happier positive melodies of “Lucky 13”, “Down The Road” and “Break The Silence”, all wrapped by killer hard rock sound.
The songs not only showcase Hannon as a powerful lead singer and shredding lead guitarist, but also a prolific songwriter. The recognizable sound of Tesla is evident here, but the sound of an unleashed artist is also heard.

FRANK HANNON BAND - World Peace [retail CD] back

Built on the bedrock of contagious riffs, tight grooves and raunchy guitar leads, Frank Hannon’s “World Peace” upholds the all familiar hard rock truisms with commendable conviction. As happened on his previous album, a dash of bluesy melodies impregnates some of the material, but I can hear as well a new modern approach, basically in the sound department.
Anyway, this is a hard rocking based record, an effective time-tested affair showing of what Hannon is capable of as a player and as a songwriter.
These songs rock from the heart, his band feels glued and effervescent, and “World Peace”, as a whole, it’s a killer slice of true, honest classic hard rock.
Highly Recommended


01 – Born Free
02 – The Picture
03 – World Peace
04 – Love Is Like a Fire
05 – Electric Chair
06 – Lucky 13
07 – New York City (Psycho Cab Ride)
08 – Down the Road
09 – Get off Yo Ass!
10 – Heavy Metal Hippie
11 – Break the Silence
12 – Requiem
13 – Eye of the Mind [digital bonus track with purchase]

Frank Hannon (vocals, guitars)
Aaron Leigh (bass)
Kelly Smith (drums)



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