CHEAP TRICK – We’re All Alright! [Deluxe Edition] (2017)

CHEAP TRICK - We're All Alright! [Deluxe Edition] (2017) full

Classic Rock icons CHEAP TRICK are ready to release worldwide tomorrow, June 19, their brand new record “We’re All Alright!“, an album that blends past and present material: featuring brand new content written specifically for the album as well as a handful of previously unrecorded tracks penned throughout the band’s illustrious career.
And it’s fabulous.

It’s difficult for any band or artist to sound enthused after decades of making music. Automatic pilot and rock ‘n’ roll root rot can easily set in, but of course there’s honorable exceptions: Cheap Trick are one of them.
They sound positively vibrant and genuinely excited on We’re All Alright!
Studio album number 18 (!) blasts out of the starting gate like a rabid stallion on uppers as the salacious “You Got It Going On” pounds out a hard rock riff as earth shaking as anything in the AC/DC catalog.

Ditto for the following “Long Time Coming” whose simplistic lyrics won’t win any Pulitzer Prizes but as pedal to the metal rockers go, it leaves most poseurs half their age in the dust.
This is a record that sound unmistakably like Cheap Trick: there are Nielsen’s hot-roddin’ guitar licks (the back-to-back salvo of “Nowhere” and “Radio Lover” is as sharp as this band has been in years), the impassioned vocals of Zander (his screams in album standout “Brand New Name on an Old Tattoo” are incredible) and some delightfully chunky grooves on all tracks.

And so it goes through ten tracks (13 on this Deluxe Edition — worth springing the extra bucks for the killer cover of The Move’s psychedelic rocker “Blackberry Way”) as Cheap Trick grind through the paces.
Only a few mid-album ballads like the anthemic “Floating Down” give you a chance to catch your breath between hot tamale sizzlers, and I should mention the nitro-burning “Listen to Me” in this category too.

CHEAP TRICK - We're All Alright! [Deluxe Edition] (2017) inside

Having been an active band for more than four decades, Cheap Trick continues to be a model of freakish consistency with “We’re All Alright!”. Quick, think of any other American rock band formed in ’70s who is still putting out albums in the modern era that not only don’t embarrass their legacy but repeatedly revitalize their career. Cheap Trick in one of the very, very few.
At 64, Robin Zander’s vocals remain powerful and founding guitarist Rick Nielsen proves himself the king of power pop/rock hooks. Add to that they write some of the most infectious melodic hooks you can hear around…
Go and buy it, Cheap Trick’s “We’re All Alright!” it’s great.

01. You Got It Going On
02. Long Time Coming
03. Nowhere
04. Radio Lover
05. Lolita
06. Brand New Name On An Old Tattoo
07. Floating Down
08. She’s Alright
09. Listen To Me
10. The Rest Of My Life
11. Blackberry Way
12. Like A Fly
13. If You Still Want My Love

Robin Zander – lead vocals, guitar
Rick Nielsen – lead guitar, background vocals
Tom Petersson – bass, background vocals
Daxx Nielsen – drums


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