T’PAU – The Virgin Anthology [CD3 – Rage remastered + B-Sides] (2017)

T'PAU - The Virgin Anthology [CD3 - Rage remastered + B-Sides] (2017) full

After the huge success of the ‘Bridge of Spies’ Remastered Expanded Edition (featured on this blog) Universal Music / Virgin Records have been working on a follow-up release titled “T’Pau – The Virgin Anthology 4CD Box Set“, to coincide with the 30 year Anniversary of the band blasting on to the music scene making their mark overseas as well as at home in the United Kingdom.

“T’Pau – The Virgin Anthology” includes 4 discs housed in an extremely impressive Super Deluxe Edition box set that brings together two discs of rare remixes and edits (singles and associated tracks) across all three Virgin albums along with half a dozen demo recordings from the band’s heyday.
A couple of further CDs include the final two (Virgin) albums ‘Rage’ and ‘The Promise’, remastered & expanded versions with bonus tracks appended.

Disc 3 houses a digitally remastered ‘Rage,’ the band’s second Platinum selling album, released in the Autumn of 1988.
Also included on this disc as bonus tracks are 6 of the B-Sides from the singles’ that were issued from this album.

T'PAU - The Virgin Antholog discs pic

All of the B-Sides are great.
‘Road To Our Dream’ instrumental is beautiful and has a habit of sending shivers down your spine as it’s very thought provoking. Also ‘Time Of Our Lives’ and ‘Call Me’ are delicious tunes that deserved to be included on the regular release.

‘Crying’ is also a B-Side on this disc. It was recorded quite early on in the band’s career for the purpose of it being featured in a film, but at the last minute, the band was told they couldn’t use it. Carol Ann Decker sings this song with such passion and puts her all in it. Was a shame it couldn’t be used.
‘You Never Notice Me’ live at The Hammersmith Odeon is also a B-Side and features on the disc and I know how much of a fan favourite this is.

Disc 3 : ‘Rage’ remastered + B-Sides

01 – Arms Of Love
02 – Only The Lonely
03 – Running Away
04 – Between The Lines
05 – Road To Our Dream
06 – Island
07 – Heaven
08 – Taking Time Out
09 – Secret Garden
10 – Time Will Tell
11 – This Girl
12 – Time Of Our Lives (B-Side)
13 – Call Me (B-Side)
14 – Road To Our Dream (Instrumental) (B-Side)
15 – Crying (B-Side)
16 – You Never Notice Me (Live Hammersmith) (B-Side)
17 – Downtown (Live At Oxford) (B-Side)


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