T’PAU – The Virgin Anthology [CD2 – Remixes, Rarities And Demos] (2017)

T'PAU - The Virgin Anthology [CD2 - Remixes, Rarities And Demos] (2017) full

After the huge success of the ‘Bridge of Spies’ Remastered Expanded Edition (featured on this blog) Universal Music / Virgin Records have been working on a follow-up release titled “T’Pau – The Virgin Anthology 4CD Box Set“, to coincide with the 30 year Anniversary of the band blasting on to the music scene making their mark overseas as well as at home in the United Kingdom.

“T’Pau – The Virgin Anthology” includes 4 discs housed in an extremely impressive Super Deluxe Edition box set that brings together two discs of rare remixes and edits (singles and associated tracks) across all three Virgin albums along with half a dozen demo recordings from the band’s heyday.
A couple of further CDs include the final two (Virgin) albums ‘Rage’ and ‘The Promise’, remastered & expanded versions with bonus tracks appended.

Disc 2 is the one that will get the fans talking and as far as completist’s are concerned, their curiosity will get the better of them.
Titled ‘Remixes, Rarities and Demos,’ it is discs like this in any collection that are the talking point and houses the previously hard to get hold of and previously unheard.

‘Rage,’ the bands second Platinum selling album issued in 1988, was to be released in Canada early 1989. Four tracks from this album were remixed for this release, and the tracks were ‘Only The Lonely,’ ‘Arms of Love,’ ‘Running Away’ and ‘Island.’
The only one of these remixes that was available in the UK was ‘Only The Lonely-Guitar Remix’ as this was the version that was released as a single over here.

T'PAU - The Virgin Antholog discs pic

The other three mixes, to this day, have never been released world-wide.
Fans still search the internet trying to get hold of a copy, the majority unsuccessful.
Those three mixes are included on this disc and getting hold of these mixes has been 28 years in the making!
These are great tracks and back in 1988/89 there was talk of releasing the remixed version of ‘Island’ as a single in the UK. Now that would have been a great move as this version of ‘Island’ really rawks.
Ah, and I love the AOR Mix of ‘Bridge Of Spies’…

Disc 2 : Remixes, Rarities And Demos [remastered]

01 – Bridge Of Spies (AOR Mix)
02 – Arms Of Love (Canadian Remix)
03 – Running Away (Canadian Remix)
04 – Island (Canadian Remix)
05 – Only The Lonely (Nightmare Mix)
06 – Whenever You Need Me (Extended Mix)
07 – Whenever You Need Me (Requiem Remix)
08 – Soul Destruction (Extended Remix)
09 – Soul Destruction (Heavy Bliss Remix)
10 – Heart And Soul (Demo Version)
11 – I Will Be With You (Demo Version)
12 – Soul Destruction (Demo Version)
13 – Whenever You Need Me (Demo Version)
14 – Only A Heartbeat (Demo Version)
15 – The Promise (Demo Version)


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