THE DEAD DAISIES – Live & Louder (2017)

THE DEAD DAISIES - Live & Louder (2017) full

Supergroup THE DEAD DAISIES are releasing today “Live & Louder”, their new CD / DVD recorded at the last year successful European tour. The album was mixed by Anthony Focx (Aerosmith, Bad Co.) at Focxhole Studios and mastered by Howie Weinberg.

Formed in 2012, The Dead Daisies have endured several lineup changes, but it appears that the current lineup, consisting of David Lowy (guitar), Brian Tichy (drums), Marco Mendoza (bass), Doug Aldrich (guitar), and John Corabi (vocals) has hit its stride.

Following the release of 2015’s ‘Revolucion’, and 2016’s aptly titled ‘Make Some Noise’, this band is doing exactly that.
Touring extensively through Europe with Whitesnake and KISS, along with several North American dates as well, The Daisies have been wowing crowds and winning over new fans at every stop, as well as preparing for their own headlining tour in support of ‘Make Some Noise’, from May to December, 2016.

The Dead Daisies are so tight and so talented, that I literally had to question whether this was one of those “record it in the studio then dub the crowd over it” releases.
The album features their hits and a few cover songs, and from the hard rockin’ “Long Way to Go”, “Make Some Noise” and “Mexico” to the hard-charging “Mainline” every song on the album has something to offer.
A taste of Southern rock on “Something I said” and the rock anthem “Song and a Prayer” are split between covers of “Join Together”, “Helter Skelter” and “Fortunate Son”.

THE DEAD DAISIES - Live & Louder (2017) disc

“Live & Louder” is a document of a band in their prime, a raw slice of visceral energy, an in-your-face assault on the senses.
Together they assembled a true monster in the vein of the great live albums of the ’70s / 80s where you can feel the energy of the crowd becoming one with the band.
Taken from various gigs, “Live And Louder” makes clear that The Dead Daisies put 110% into each performance to ensure that each show is better than the last.
If you’re looking for fun, hard-driving rock – this recording is sure to please.


01 – Long Way To Go (Live)
02 – Mexico (Live)
03 – Make Some Noise (Live)
04 – Song And A Prayer (Live)
05 – Fortunate Son (Live)
06 – We All Fall Down (Live)
07 – Lock’N’Load (Live)
08 – Something I Said (Live)
09 – Last Time I Saw The Sun (Live)
10 – Join Together (Live)
11 – With You And I (Live)
12 – Band Intros (Live)
13 – Mainline (Live)
14 – Helter Skelter (Live)
15 – American Band (Live)
16 – Midnight Moses (Live)

John Corabi (vocals)
Doug Aldrich (guitar)
David Lowy (guitar)
Brian Tichy (drums)
Marco Mendoza (bass)



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