TANGO DOWN – Bulletproof (2016) [retail]

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This blog’s favorites TANGO DOWN last album “Bulletproof” was requested to be featured here again. Tango Down never failed to deliver top class Melodic Hard Rock, and this new album is not the exception; the band sounds bigger than ever.

Something common in Tango Down is the changing faces in the vocalist slot all over the years / albums. In past records the band featured the services from the likes of David Reece or Alex Barbeiri, and ot surprisingly, Tango Down have yet another lead vocalist with, this time, Chas West (Lynch Mob, Red Dragon Cartel, Resurrection Kings) now handling the singing.
And what a killer singer.

TANGO DOWN - Bulletproof (2016) [retail] booklet

While most bands suffer a lot with the lost of their frontman, this seems to be a rule for Tango Down and a benefit, as each album from the band result different and unique.
What never changes with this awesome band is their terrific musicianship and their ability to craft amazing Melodic Hard Rock songs.
The production of Bombay Black’s Ty Sims (House Of Lords) provided the necessary punch to make this new 10-track offering shine like a diamond.

‘Punching Bag’, title track ‘Bulletproof’, ‘Superstar’, ‘Anything Can Change’ are kick-ass songs plenty of groove and monster riffs, then the classy Tango Down melodic stuff come in spades with ‘Give Me a Reason’, ‘When We Were Young’ and ‘Broken Heart’.

TANGO DOWN - Bulletproof (2016) back

Tango Down continues delivering top notch Melodic Hard Rock with their fifth album “Bulletproof”, just 10 tracks but 10 golden bullets straight to your heart. Why this band is not huge among fans of the genre is beyond me. They are among the best.
New frontman Chas West is without a doubt a clear winner for the NY based bunch as his clear and powerful voice perfectly fits the Tango Down style; catchy and powerful US hard / melodic rock of the highest order with a superb production.
HIGHLY Recommended

01 – Punching Bag
02 – Give Me a Reason
03 – Bulletproof
04 – Carry On
05 – When We Were Young
06 – Going Under
07 – Superstar
08 – Edge of Goodbye
09 – Anything Can Change
10 – Broken Heart

Chas West (vocals)
Scott Miller (guitar)
Axel Gessner (bass)
Keith Michaels (drums)


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