STATE COWS – Stealing The Show (2017)

STATE COWS - Stealing The Show (2017) full

Swedes STATE COWS, perhaps the band active today most faithful to the classic sound of early ’80s West Coast AOR, are releasing new material under the title “Stealing The Show“.
Characterized for their pristine studio recordings in a clinical quality akin the major production mold from the L.A. Session golden era, this new State Cows offering is just another superb slice of smooth AOR.

Sporting that joyful, organic sound that made Toto number one in their game, ‘Stuck On A Train’ is the dynamic opener featuring wonderful vocals by Daniel Andersson, lots of sweet guitar lines and shuffle drumming in the best Jeff Porcaro technique.
Then the elegant, organic sound in the vein of Airplay / Jay Graydon appears on ‘Holly Mole’, whilst title track ‘Stealing The Show’ is very classy mixing Chicago, Maxus and Robbie Dupree into one single song. In many ways, it recalls some Peter Friestedt solo albums.

There’s a previously unreleased early version of the track ‘Scofflaws’ (second State Cows CD) which is very different from the album version. It’s listed as ‘demo version’, but with State Cow’s sonic standards, it doesn’t sound as a demo at all. Many would kill for this production quality.
Then we have songs from the band’s second album sessions: ‘Calf Stoutness Two’ is like a L.A. session jam circa 1983, ‘Into Something Good’ reminds you Ambrosia’s best moments and Toto’s wonderful vocal arrangements, then you have the fun and smooth ‘Careful With The Chainsaw, Dear’ and the elegant “Tinseltown” where Airplay (Jay Graydon/ Tommy Funderburk) spirit emerges.

STATE COWS - Stealing The Show (2017) inside

“Stealing The Show” is another outstanding State Cows release, a band for which the time has not passed by at all. They still sound – and hopefully forever – like an early ’80s Smooth West Coast combo, replicating its top notch production.
A must for rabid, purist fans of the genre, and for all with taste for superbly crafted music.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Stuck On A Train
02 – Holly Mole
03 – Stealing The Show
04 – Scofflaws (Demo)
05 – Calf Stoutness Two
06 – Into Something Good
07 – Careful With The Chainsaw, Dear
08 – Tinseltown

Daniel Andersson: vocals, guitars
Stefan Olofsson: keyboards, bass, mixing
Peter Olofsson: drums
Samuel Muntlin: saxophone
Mikael Emsing: percussion



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