SLAUGHTER – Stick It To Ya [Japan Edition remastered +4] Out Of Print

SLAUGHTER - Stick It To Ya [Japan Edition remastered +4] Out Of Print full

With the really good new Mark Slaughter solo album just released, it’s a nice opportunity to revisit his band’s SLAUGHTER most successful record: “Stick It to Ya” in its Japanese Edition remastered, now out of print.

Slaughter formed in Las Vegas, Nevada, in late 1988 out of the ashes of lead vocalist Mark Slaughter and bassist Dana Strum’s previous band, Vinnie Vincent Invasion. Vinnie Vincent Invasion’s record company, Chrysalis Records, took the $4 million contract away from Vinnie Vincent for over-exceeding his credit line with the label, and transferred the contract to former members Slaughter and Strum.
By 1989, Slaughter and Strum completed the lineup by recruiting lead guitarist Tim Kelly and drummer Blas Elias.

Produced by Mark Slaughter & Dana Strum, Slaughter debut album “Stick It to Ya” sold over 2 million copies and became one of the biggest CDs of 1990, with three singles in the Top 40 and their videos in solid rotation on the various music television outlets.
The LP was also nominated for a Best Metal Album of the Year at the 1991 American Music Awards show.

Their success may have seemed to happen overnight, but as far as the band was concerned, it came as the result of plenty of hard work.
What made Slaughter work as unit was the songwriting of Mark and Dana, and most of it still stands up. A lot of this material — straight up melodic hard rock with a little flourish — is solid and consistent.
The late Tim Kelly on guitar drives these tracks never pretending to be a great soloist, but making up with dedication and commitment what he lacks in virtuosity. Mark Slaughter’s raspy, higher-pitched vocals are pleasingly distinctive, while Blas Elias on drums and Dana Strum on the bass provide a thumping foundation to build on.

The anthemic “Up All Night”, the killer “Eye To Eye”, “Desperately”, “Mad About You” and the great, atmospheric ballad “Fly To The Angels” (with solid lyrics above the average for this kind of songs) are my favorites.

SLAUGHTER - Stick It To Ya [Japan Edition remastered +4] Out Of Print booklet

Speaking about the bonus tracks; “Fly to the Angels [Acoustic Version]” and “Wingin’ It” were included on the original CD release too, but not the cassette or LP versions of “Stick It To Ya”. “Wingin’ It” is an accapella joke tune, only a minute in length, but absolutely hilarious to this day. I wish the album had been re-sequenced so that it still closes the album, as this is an obvious closer.
After that, there are four demos. These demos are remarkable in how fully realized they are. The songs were slightly changed later for the definitive versions.

More than ‘just another hair metal band’, Slaughter showcased more substance above the average on their debut “Stick It to Ya”, arguably the last melodic hard / hair metal band to make it big before the grunge dark age.
This remaster delivers the songs fuller and clear, and for sure it’s the definitive version of this really strong record.
A must have in your US Melodic Hard Rock collection.

01 – Eye to eye
02 – Burnin’ bridges
03 – Up all night
04 – Spend my life
05 – Thinking of June
06 – She wants more
07 – Fly to the angels
08 – Mad about you
09 – That’s not enough
10 – You are the one
11 – Gave me your heart
12 – Desperately
13 – Loaded gun
14 – Fly to the angels [Acoustic version]
15 – Wingin’ it
16 – Mad about you [Demo]
17 – She wants more [Demo]
18 – Up all night [Demo]
19 – Fly to the angels [Demo]

Mark Slaughter – Lead Vocals, guitar, and keyboards
Tim Kelly – Guitar, background vocals
Dana Strum – Bass, background vocals
Blas Elias – Drums, percussion, background vocals

Out Of Print

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