SIDEBURN – #Eight (2017)

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Swiss hard rockers SIDEBURN will release their new album “#Eight” on Fastball Music tomorrow May 5. Sure, “#Eight” is literally Sideburn’s eighth album, but also marks the celebration – 20th anniversary – of the band rocking the world.
In recent years, Sideburn supported bands like Kiss, Def Leppard, Airborne, Gotthard and more, and did several contributions to Hollywood productions such as ‘Wolverine’ (Six Feet Under), the show ’24’ and the trailer to the movie ‘Hit & Run’ with Bradley Cooper.

Sideburn’s classic hard rock formula remains unadulterated on “#Eight”: punchy riff-based rock n’ roll, bluesy and groovy.
The similarity with Krokus and AC/DC are till there, but Sideburn is much more polished and melodious with influences ranging from Aerosmith to Cheap Trick and REO Speedwagon, and these have also crept into the band’s cool mix of high-octane, no-frills rock.
There are plenty of swinging and memorable riffs, raspy vocals, crashing drums, fat and juicy bass lines, and a very solid groove from start to finish.

All classic stuff, and it’s simply impossible to resist the swing and groove of tracks such as “Get Your Ride on”, “Long Road Paradise”, or “Got to Move On”.
The cover of the immortal “No Class” (Motörhead) is fine but does not really add anything new to the song. Still, it fits in with what Sideburn is all about.

SIDEBURN - #Eight (2017) inside

My main gripe with “#Eight” is that we have heard all of this countless times before, but I honestly do not think that these guys give a damn about sounding original, and there is a certain charm to that.
Sideburn wants to entertain and rock you by means of rather simple and direct music that hits you right in the face.

Contrary to many other bands who try to pull off the classic rock style, Sideburn manages to sound convincing and powerful while rarely losing sight of what constitutes good songwriting. And I really like their ballsy, yet absolutely pristine, clean production.
It rocks, and rocks greatly. Two thumbs up!

01 – All the While
02 – Call Me a Doctor
03 – Turn Away
04 – Drop Zone
05 – Get You Ride On
06 – No More Room in Hell
07 – Driving on the Main Line
08 – Give Me a Sign
09 – Long Road to Paradise
10 – Save Your Soul
11 – Got to Move On
12 – No Class

Roland Pierrehumbert – Vocals
Lawrence Lina – Rythm & Lead Guitar
Mikael Riffart – Rythm & Lead Guitar
Nick Thornton – Bass
Lionel Blanc – Drums


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