JD MILLER – Grand Intentions [Bonus Edition] (2016)

JD MILLER - Grand Intentions [Bonus Edition] (2016) full

After the recent, new JD MILLER album posted on this blog, one of you asked for the band’s previous effort from three years ago. And it’s a proper request as the JD MILLER re-released the CD in 2016 as “Grand Intentions [Bonus Edition]“, obviously, with new tracks added to the track list.

JD Miller was founded by singer Peter Halldén and State Of Drama’s guitarist Tommy Timonen who drop up his former band aiming to play a more rocking music. And that’s the motto of “Grand Intentions”; guitar driven, groovy hard rock with strong melodies mixed with a touch of metal.
At the end of 2013 JD Miller signed a deal with Rambo Music/Gain Production, a subsidiary to Sony Music, to begin the recording of “Grand Intentions” with Christian Svedin (Baby Jane) behind the desk. And he has done a really good job as this debut sounds huge, thick and crisp.

JD Miller’s music is hard rock blending the unmistakable Scandinavian melody with an American style, all wrapped by a very modern sound / production. This modern output is primarily provided by the twin guitar set-up sound and the way of playing from both axeman, constructing close-grained riffs through multi-track layers. The potent delivery is completed by a groovy bass on most tracks and a blasting yet clean drum sound.
Peter Halldén sings with an American feel, and carries the verses with fierce turning more melodic on the choruses.

In many ways, and as said before, JD Miller’s force is pumped by the kick ass guitar work, extremely polished and at places precise as a metronome, resulting in a overal sound that reminds me Swedish guitar genius Mattias “IA” Eklundh works, solo and with Freak Kitchen.
Not strange, then, that Eklundh is featured on a guest solo on the groovy “Falling Apart”. But JD Miller’s songs are much more commercial and accessible.

You have razor rockers albeit with lots of melody on “Let It Burn”, “Lost Souls”, the contagious “Borderline” and “With My Fire Eyes”, with “Vision Of Sin” adding some modern metal pounding, while “Fake And Superficial” and “Invincible” have an American radio rock approach.
“Straitjacket Heroes” brings some calm at the middle of the record – somehow a midtempo ballad with acoustics in the mix – and slow “The Halo”, driven by highly processed acoustic guitars (they really sound great), some strings in the background and harmonic lead vocals is one of the highlights on the CD.

The extra tracks on this “Grand Intentions [Bonus Edition]”, “Vision Of Sin” and “Point Of No Return” were recorded after the main album sessions, and specially the latter showcases a hint of the current JD Miller sound, more metallic I’d say.

JD MILLER - Grand Intentions [Bonus Edition] (2016) inside

JD Miller offers on “Grand Intentions [Bonus Edition]” a very solid collection of songs that, if not innovative at all, develop a more than interesting broaden sonic delivery.
Everything sounds thumping and polished, and while sometimes the tight, precise instrumentation diminishes impact of the main melodies, it enhances to the potent musical output.
Highly Recommended

You’ve seen it first here, at 0dayrox


01 – Let It Burn
02 – Invincible
03 – Lost Souls
04 – Borderline
05 – Straitjacket Heroes
06 – Falling Apart
07 – Left For Dead
08 – Fake & Superficial
09 – The Halo
10 – Vision Of Sin
11 – Point Of No Return

Peter Halldén – Vocals
Tommy Timonen – Guitar
Jakob Larsson – Guitar
Emil Eriksson – Drums
Freddy Zielinski – Bass
Mattias “IA” Eklundh – guest Guitar solo



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