FASTWAY – Waiting For The Roar [BGO Records digitally remastered]

FASTWAY - Waiting For The Roar [BGO Records digitally remastered] full

Here’s another album requested from FASTWAY‘s palatable discography; the terrific “Waiting For The Roar“, the band’s third effort Digitally Remastered by BGO Records.

According to times (mid-80s), Fastway’s management, the record label and band leader Fast Eddie Clark’s decided to drastically change the style for this 3rd album in favor to a more keyboard-driven American AOR sound.
Produced with a lush, polished technique by Terry Manning (Outside Edge, Zeno) who also performed all the bucketload of synthesizers, several tracks were tailor made for FM radio in 1985.

Just check out the keyboard stabs and sing-along chorus of ‘Tired Of Your Love’, the killer midtempo ‘The World Waits For You’ or the Foreigner-like ballad ‘Change’. This is great ’80s AOR of the finest order.
Title track has everything that’s to be expected from the band – a killer riff, a pounding beat (and synth), Dave King singing his socks off, a fabulous chorus and it results in an undoubtedly all round top tune.

On the other hand, ‘Little By Little’ is probably the closest to their original sound as the guitars are more out front and the vocals wail.
‘Rock On’ also rocks a bit harder sounding like some of the more radio friendly hard rock bands of the mid-80s. Then ‘Girl’ is a fantastic combination of guitar and synth, with some great breaks and chord changes.

FASTWAY - Waiting For The Roar [BGO Records digitally remastered] back

This BGO digital remastered sound of “Waiting For The Roar” is very, very good, avoiding brickwall saturation. And, especially, it features the original LP release song length that strangely were edited for the original CD press.
So, here you have the ‘real’ “Waiting For The Roar”, with a blissful pristine and potent remastered sound plus a bonus track from the same studio sessions (7” single B-side ‘Doin’ Just Fine’).
Often ignored by fans of the genre, Fastway’s “Waiting For The Roar” is a keeper for all classic ’80s AOR aficionados.
A Must Have


01 – The World Waits For You
02 – Kill Me With Your Heart
03 – Tired Of Your Love
04 – Change
05 – Move Over
06 – Little By Little
07 – Rock On
08 – Waiting For The Roar
09 – Girl
10 – Back Door Man
11 – Doin’ Just Fine

Dave King – lead vocals
‘Fast’ Eddie Clarke – guitars
Shane Carroll – rhythm guitar
Paul Reid – bass
Alan Connor – drums
additional musicians:
Terry Manning – synthesizers, backing vocals
Carl Marsh – Fairlight programming and orchestration
London Studio Orchestra
Chris Thompson – additional backing vocals



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