DAYS OF JUPITER – New Awakening [digipak] (2017)

DAYS OF JUPITER - New Awakening [digipak] (2017) full

We already featured on this blog the debut CD from DAYS OF JUPITER years ago, and now the Swedes are presenting their new effort “New Awakening“. That was a very promising first album, yet must admit I lost the band’s trace since then missing Days Of Jupiter’s second record.
Well, to my surprise – or should not with a band from Scandinavia – Days Of Jupiter have have immensely grown as unit and “New Awakening” sounds very, very impactful.

Days Of Jupiter is marketed as Modern Rock / Alternative, a style not belonging to this blog for sure. But I disagree with that banner.
This 5-piece is indeed very modern sonically and with ‘modern rock’ structures in terms of songwriting but they add a strong dose of hard rock, groove and feel to their musical arrangements.
Days Of Jupiter looks for influences on both sides of the Atlantic ocean and they combine the current US Modern Rock commercial accessibility with classic Hard Rock from Europe and molding it into their own mix with great results.

While tracks such as ‘We Will Never Die’, midtempo ‘Give into Me’ or ‘Inglorious’ are pretty modern rock with an American feel, ‘If I Wear God’, the atmospheric ‘Give into Me’ and ‘I Am Stone’ have much more in common with the new wave of Swedish melodic hard rock.
Even on cuts like ‘Insane’ Days Of Jupiter show a sound similar to Eclipse, then ‘My Tragedy, My Curse’ reminds me a song from the recent Queensryche.

DAYS OF JUPITER - New Awakening [digipak] (2017) back

One of the few, very few interesting bands from the current Modern Rock scene, Days Of Jupiter have successfully mixed a current sound with classic stylings from the classic hard rock legacy.
“New Awakening” is punchy, bright, quite groovy and not only very listenable, but an entertaining and solid-rock crafted album.
Strongly Recommended

01 – We Will Never Die
02 – I Am Stone
03 – My Tragedy, My Curse
04 – Wasted Years
05 – You Can’t Erase Me
06 – Awakening
07 – If I Wear God
08 – Insane
09 – Give into Me
10 – Favorite Waste
11 – Inglorious

Janne Hilli – Vocals
Jörgen Hellström – Guitars
Marcus Lindman – Guitars
Janne Karlsson – Bass
Magnus Larsson – Drums


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