LOUDNESS – On The Prowl [Japan SHM-CD Limited Release remastered] Out Of Print

LOUDNESS - On The Prowl [Japan SHM-CD Limited Release remastered] Out Of Print - full

It’s pleasure to finally be able to fulfill this request: LOUDNESS‘ “On The Prowl” in its Japanese SHM-CD Remastered Edition, a Limited Release long time out of print.
“On The Prowl” is Loudness ninth studio album, their second and last with American vocalist Mike Vescera before his leaving to join Yngwie Malmsteen’s band for the album The Seventh Sign.
This is the album were Vescera was fully involved, resulting in the more US Hard Rock sounding recording ever by the legendary Japanese band.

“On The Prowl” includes 3 new songs (the first in the track list) plus re-works of tracks from early Loudness’ albums where Mike Vescera translated and adapted the lyrics to be sung in English.
Not only the English lyrics provide a different feeling, but also the fresh arrangements resulted into an almost completely new songs… and what killer songs!

This ‘Americanized’ Loudness sounds much more melodic, groovy hard rockin’ than some of the ruckus straight up trad metal of the early Loudness days, but also doesn’t back down on the balls.
Gutsy numbers like ‘Deadly Prayer’ feature fast pace and some banshee screams from the capable Vescera, always in control and pitch perfect. Guitar sections are well worked out – Akira Takasaki flexing his skills with power riffs, melodious solos and beautiful rhythms.
‘Girl’ is a rowdy number with heavy drumming, though its subject matter feels glammy, for example – this is pretty much the combination we have with this album in particular; still retaining balls, but with a glammish, commercial edge, while ‘In the Mirror’ is just all out ballsy cutting US metal.

Of course the Vescera era also ushered in a concentration on melodic songs, but Loudness retain the power in the sense of Dokken, for example, this isn’t an album without teeth. ‘Take it or Leave It’ is a rockin’ midtempo number which fails to abandon crunching guitar tone and fantastic displays of solo prowess.
The new arrangements on ‘Long Distance’ are almost melodic hard rock where the quality of Vescera’s vocals, and the cool tone and skill of Takasaki’s guitar shine through. And we have a super power ballad in ‘Never Again’.

Speaking about the new songs, the opening trio, ‘Down ‘N Dirty’, ‘Playin’ Games’ and ‘Love Toys’, all are killer examples of early ’90s US melodic hard rock with tons of groove, sharp riffs and catchy choruses.
Special mention goes to production, handled by talented Mark Dearnley (Alien, Bang Tango) who has provided a perfectly polished sound without losing the band’s attack.

LOUDNESS - On The Prowl [Japan SHM-CD Limited Release remastered] Out Of Print - back

Loudness “On The Prowl” is one of the best hard (melodic) rock albums destined to the US market recorded in the early ’90s. The songs are great, musicianship stellar, and production top notch.
The sound from this Japanese SHM-CD is incredible, punchy, clear, not saturated at all and with superb dynamics.
Fans of polished, melodic, groovy US styled hard rock – think Dokken, Stryper, George Lynch’s awesome album Sacred Groove, Keel – you need to check this album now.

You’ve seen it first here, at 0dayrox

Warner Music Japan ~ WPCL-10752

01 – Down ‘N’ Dirty
02 – Playin’ Games
03 – Love Toys
04 – Never Again
05 – Deadly Player
06 – Take It Or Leave It
07 – Girl
08 – Long Distance
09 – In The Mirror
10 – Sleepless Night
11 – Find A Way

Michael Vescera – vocals
Akira Takasaki – guitars
Masayoshi Yamashita – bass
Munetaka Higuchi – drums
additional musicians;
Jim Wilkas – keyboards
Nat, Gary and Chris Vescera, Marty Earley – backing vocals


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