C-SIDES – We Are Now (2017)

C-SIDES - We Are Now (2017) full
We Are Now” is the new album from Welsh quartet C-SIDES, a band formed by guitarist Martin Rosser and drummer Allan Mason Jones after they left the excellent prog outfit Magenta some years ago.
This is C-SIDES second album, and certainly they took the time to carefully craft the material here (debut dates from 2011).

Musically “We Are Now” is a mix of Yes 90125 era, and Rush – particularly their ’80s incarnation when synthesizers were an important part of their sound – towards modern Neo progressive commercial melodies.

Among the highlights there’s the cascading guitar work of opener ‘Out Of The Water’ (with Rosser in particular showing some deft touches around the fretboard), the nice blend of acoustic and electric of ‘Black Road River’, the quite rocking ‘Rock And A Hard Place’, and the Rush-like riff of standout ‘Deck Chair City’.

C-SIDES - We Are Now (2017) inside

“We Are Now” is an album that rewards the listener, as repeated plays reveal the rich texture, changing time signatures and instrumental ability of the band. The vocal melodies and harmonies present belie the sometimes challenging and complex musical arrangements that underpin them.
But basically, and despite the pretty long running time, all songs are easy to the ears, melodic and accessible.
Strongly Recommended.

1 – Out of the Water
2 – Black Road River
3 – Deck Chair City
4 – Truth Through Clowns
5 – Rock and a Hard Place
6 – Before the Fall
7 – Living Without Wires
8 – Lies in the Open
9 – We Are Now

Allen McCarthy – vocals
Martin Rosser (ex-Magenta) guitars
Jay MacDonald (Sankara) – bass
Allan Mason Jones (ex-Magenta) – drums


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