TwentyDarkSeven – Momentum [Ltd. Edition Digipak +3] (2017)

TwentyDarkSeven - Momentum [Ltd. Edition Digipak +3] (2017) full

Momentum” is the second album from German rockers TwentyDarkSeven, featuring a new rhythm section but always conducted by founding members Marcus Jürgens (ex- vocalist from underrated rockers Pump) and guitar wizard Peter Wagner (ex-Wicked Temptation, Piledriver).

On “Momentum” TwentyDarkSeven have refined their own cocktail of hard ‘n heavy with ’80s / ’90s influences and a contemporary sound. They follow the path that bands like Dokken, Dio, Ozzy or Lynch Mob have paved efficaciously in the past.
TwentyDarkSeven also develops a more melodic side mixing American & European styling akin XYZ, Keel or Vinnie Vincent Invasion, with the more modern edge of acts such as Fate, Shakra, Crystal Ball or Victory.
It’s a quite interesting blend resulting in a compact and effective set of songs.

Opener ‘Stranger Than Fiction’ is one of the heaviest numbers on the album driven by Zakk Wylde-approved riffs and a catchy chorus, then ‘Falling Away’, one of my favorites, is a pretty Americanized hard rocker in the Dokken vein circa 1988.

TwentyDarkSeven - Momentum [Ltd. Edition Digipak +3] (2017) disc

‘The Devil’s Doom Delight’ seems taken from Lynch Mob’s first album (love the groove), then ‘Shadows on the Sun’ is a very solid midtempo with a rumbling bass and great guitars.
You have killer riff in the darker ‘Spoke in the Wheel’, and a gentle ballad on ‘Heaven in Black’ embellished with acoustics.

This limited digipak edition includes 3 bonus tracks; the US remix of ‘Heart of a Lion’, one of the best tracks from TwentyDarkSeven first album, and remixes from two cuts from this new CD: ‘Shotgun Heart (Dutch High Voltage Remix)’, and ‘Stranger Than Fiction (Steelpreacher Remix)’, the latter quite different than the original.

TwentyDarkSeven - Momentum [Ltd. Edition Digipak +3] (2017) back

TwentyDarkSeven continues delivering muscular hard rock tunes on their fresh album “Momentum”, but this new offering is much more melodic than its predecessor.
The songs are easier to the ears, the choruses catchier and the overall sound now is US early ’90s hard rock oriented. Production is punchy, ‘big’ and clear, all very well mixed as well.

Check the various influences mentioned above, TwentyDarkSeven is an effective mix of all and have delivered a kickin’, very solid new album in “Momentum”.
Highly Recommended

01 – Stranger Than Fiction
02 – Falling Away
03 – The Devil’s Doom Delight
04 – Shadows on the Sun
05 – Heaven in Black
06 – Coming Home
07 – Shotgun Heart
08 – Spoke in the Wheel
09 – This Side of Hell
10 – Through Hell and Back
11 – Heart of a Lion (US Single Remix)
12 – Shotgun Heart (Dutch High Voltage Remix)
13 – Stranger Than Fiction (Steelpreacher Remix)

Marcus Jürgens – vocals
Peter Wagner – guitar
Marcel ‘Selly’ Bernhardt – guitar
Christoph Renner – bass
Markus Herzog – drums


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