LOL GOODMAN BAND – Just Wanna Say… [Deluxe Edition] (2017)

LOL GOODMAN BAND - Just Wanna Say... [Deluxe Edition] (2017) full

Manchester based LOL GOODMAN BAND launched their new album “Just Wanna Say…” last year but now they are presenting the ‘Deluxe Edition‘ including 3 bonus tracks.
The band was founded by guitarist / vocalist Lol Goodman and has existed in various formats and with various musicians since 1997.

There’s blues in here, there’s classic rock, acoustic rock, not a little soul, rock’n’roll. The songs are not an excuse to show off their chops.. but they happen to. They are all their own and they stay in your head. At their best moments, they take their time, listen closely to and play off each other and bring in tones and beats that keep the whole brew interesting.
Lol Goodman Band style is American inspired, but still maintains its authentic British feeling.

This is made clear in the opening track, ‘Don’t Go Fishing’, which sets the standard for a solid album. It is obvious that the band have played together for a long time being tight, with quality musicianship.
This cut has everything a song might need – moody guitars, rolling Hammond, steady and deep bass, tight drumming, tons of emphasis, reflective lyrics, catchy chorus, memorable bridge, great vocal backing, twisting guitar solo that hints at Steely Dan.

The title track is one of those insistent songs that you’d love to find on a jukebox, with sharp wavering and slide guitar. ‘Live My Life With The Blues’ is an aching piano-led ballad that will really haunt you, with expert bass runs and a heartfelt vocal.
‘The Tales of Teddy Black Bear’ is organ-fuelled fun in and around fluid Southern Rock, ‘Full Blooded Woman’ hits a blues groove and toe-tapping, while ‘Colours Of My Heart’ is determined rock with dirty guitars.

‘Work To Live’ employs delay on the guitars and classic organ, ‘Searchin’ Man Blues’ is a slow funk rocker with sharp guitar and backbeat snare, and ‘Beer In My Hand’ uses a slow-blues form to make its point to a ‘road song’.
Not all is electrified however, since ‘Water’ is a fine acoustic song with a classic rock foundation.

LOL GOODMAN BAND - Just Wanna Say... [Deluxe Edition] (2017) inside

This Deluxe Edition includes 3 bonus; ‘Old Black Dog’ is a slide feature which hits a sprightly bounce. ‘Change My Mood’ is a chicken-shack trip with excellent female backing vocals, very enjoyable. ‘Ode To The Guys’ finishes the set with a moody slide vibe and one of the best vocals on the collection.

One of the best things of “Just Wanna Say…” is that avoids overproduction. Everything sounds and feels authentic, earthy, and smells wood. It’s blues based classic rock, covering a wide, timeless spectrum.
I suggest you just play the album and do what track 8 recommends; ‘Beer In My Hand’, and just enjoy.

01 – Don’t Go Fishing
02 – I Just Want To Say
03 – Water
04 – Live My Life With The Blues
05 – The Tales Of Teddy Black Bear
06 – Full Blooded Woman
07 – Colours Of My Heart
08 – Beer In My Hand
09 – Lbd
10 – Work To Live
11 – Searchin’ Man Blues
12 – Old Black Dog
13 – Change My Mood
14 – Ode To The Guys

Lol Goodman – vocals, guitar
Phil Barrett – Hammond organ, guitar
James Horrocks – bass
Anthony Crabtree – drums


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