LIGHT FREEDOM REVIVAL – Eterniverse Deja Vu (2017)

LIGHT FREEDOM REVIVAL - Eterniverse Deja Vu (2017) full

Eterniverse Deja Vu” is the intriguing title from the debut album of LIGHT FREEDOM REVIVAL, an all-star Progressive Rock Ensemble put together by Canadian singer-songwriter John Vehadija.
The band / album features the likes of mega-talented Billy Sherwood, Oliver Wakeman & Eric Gillette (Neal Morse Band) not just making a guest appearance, but all playing in the entire disc and also involved in production and arrangements.

More than a ‘project’, Light Freedom Revival feels as a glued band, a like minded group of spiritual individuals who have joined together on this 13 track LP to lend their own skilled touches to help create a bigger sound in order to explore the concept of how consciousness and positive energy shape all our future destinies.
John Vehadija has taken his artistic and imaginative background from a poet early on and used it as fuel to pursue his true calling as a professional musician, extending to the universe his gift of unique songwriting for all to enjoy.

Musically, Light Freedom Revival is really melodic with a poppy sheen. It’s progressive en essence but at the very end of the spectrum.
Songs such as ‘An Idea of Freedom’ or ‘New Lightspace Age’ almost have a Cheap Trick feel, there’s amelodic rock mid-tempo skeleton in ‘Form Hope’ while ‘They Fit You In’ add biting electric guitars courtesy of Eric Gillette turning things almost hard rock.

LIGHT FREEDOM REVIVAL - Eterniverse Deja Vu (2017) booklet

You can hear Sherwood’s hand in songs like ‘Place of Power’ and ‘Form Hope’ (akin modern Yes or Yoso), and Oliver Wakeman ivory magic.
Wakeman was contacted to perform on one track, but he liked so much the music that already play on all songs, even doing some vintage analog Moog stuff.

Light Freedom Revival is a cool new combo mixing nice melodies with very, very light progressive touches.
There’s solid musicianship yet never overly complex, easy to the ears, and while Vehadija isn’t the greatest singer in the world, he’s finely complemented by Marisa Frantz’s harmony vocals.
Quite recommended

01 – New Lightspace Age
02 – An Idea of Freedom
03 – Where Words Fail
04 – Dream Again
05 – Form Hope
06 – Eterniverse Deja Vu
07 – They Fit You In
08 – Go Amplify the Feeling
09 – Starting Over
10 – Place of Power
11 – Stay Strong with Me
12 – Positive Light Code
13 – Enjoy the Now

John Vehadija – Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Billy Sherwood – Drums & Bass, Guitars & Keyboards
Oliver Wakeman – Piano & Lead Keyboards
Eric Gillette – Lead Guitar
Marisa Frantz – Harmony Vocals


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