HYDROGYN – Redemption (2017)

HYDROGYN - Redemption (2017) full

On this blog we’ve been following the recording steps of Kentucky-based female fronted hard rockers HYDROGYN, and today the six-piece are releasing their brand new full-length CD titled “Redemption“.
Throughout these releases, Hydrogyn experienced some lineup changes but none more crushing than the departure of vocalist Julie in 2015, halfway through recording an album. The band had been keeping a grueling touring schedule and the creative fire was fading.
They recruited new vocalist Erica Parrott and re-entered the studio re-charged in 2016 to work on “Redemption”.

Starting with the opening track “Fixir”, you immediately get the impression that this is a new-sounding Hydrogyn. I was curious to hear new vocalist Erica Parrott. Well, my first impression is simply: Wow! I have to say that I really like this heavier evolution in Hydrogyn and the new singer is perfect for this heavier evolution.
“Tail Spin” is a great hard rock ripper featuring some powerhouse vocals and musical hooks. The bombast of the fourth track, “Devil God Devil”, as it explodes from the sound system, is captivating. Probably it’s this track that won me over and really sold me.

HYDROGYN - Redemption (2017) inside

A couple positions later we are treated to the infectiousness of “Down In Flames”. “Hey Ho” has a great low-end monsta groove, much more modern than the rest of the album, but not less effective.
I am not completely conviced of the ’90s style experimented on tracks such as “Break In Two” and “In The End”, but the enigmatic “Jenny” (including acoustics) is another solid track on the album.

“Redemption” showcases a revitalized Hydrogyn. It’s heavier, inspired by classic female fronted metal acts but modern and pretty bombastic.
There’s a lot of groove and more strength vocals. It’s thunderingly bass/rhythm section driven, filled with tasty guitar solos coupled with hooky riffs.
Overall, I like it. Check it out and make your own call.


01 – Fixir
02 – My Redemption
03 – Tail Spin
04 – Devil God Devil
05 – Suffering
06 – Break In two
07 – Down In Flames
08 – Hey Ho
09 – In The End
10 – Jenny

Erica Parrot – Vocals
Jeff Westlake – Guitar
Chris Sammons – Bass, Backing Vocals
Rev. Davo Chandler – Sound, Keyboards
Jeff Bogs – Guitar
John Cardilino – Drums



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  1. Daniel says:

    Seems to be down. Can you please re-upload (maybe even with a full discography)? Either way, thanks for your work on this blog!

  2. Daniel says:

    Thanks for the quick fix!

    Could you please also re-upload the other Hydrogyn albums?

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