DIRTY WHITE BOYZ – Down And Dirty (2017)

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The songs included in “Down And Dirty“, the cracking debut of DIRTY WHITE BOYZ to be released tomorrow, were once intended to be a solo album from singer, songwriter & guitarist Tony Mitchell (Kiss of the Gypsy, Kingdom of Deadmen). While recording some tracks he decided to pitch some demos to various labels. Escape Music dialed up Mitchell suggesting he flesh out his tunes with some British talent.

At first it was intended to be a collaboration for the recording, but soon morphed into a full-time band baptized Dirty White Boyz, including veteran Paul Hume (guitar) from legends Demon, Neil Ogden (drums) from Lawless, talented Nigel Bailey (bass) from Bailey, Lifeline and Three Lions, and Jamie Crees (guitar) also from Lawless.
With such impressive line-up, my expectations were immediately flying high. And Dirty White Boyz delivers.

The sound is instantly recognizable. Mitchell and his Dirty White Boyz deliver the true classic melodic hard goods. This music is straight out of its ’80s roots, spiced with a classic metal edge, a touch of blues, and then crafted with accessibility and catchiness, at places close to AOR.
The tunes are large on twin guitar harmony with sharp riffs and assertive feisty leads. The rhythm section has a deep sound and a solid groove. And Mitchell has a true, rather straight-forward and clean, rock vocal style, maybe a tad whiskey raspy, but always passionate.

For pure classic feeling and groove, notably with that AOR glimmer, look to ‘Playin’ Dirty’, ‘Hangin’ On A Heartache’, and ‘Waitin’ For This Feelin’ (all which the lack of the “g” in “ing”).
Some edge comes within the faster ‘Hell To Pay’ and the heavier, lightly bluesy ‘All In The Name Of Rock ‘n Roll’. A slice of British bluesy traditional hard rock comes with the grinding ‘Bring It On’.
‘Rise’ delivers something of an arena anthem offering a fine melody, pleasing vocal arrangement, flashy guitar work, and a catchy refrain. A true ballad comes with ‘Ride With Angels’, where you’ll find Mitchell and company stealing a page out of the Bon Jovi playbook. The song has the timbre of Bed Of Roses, but maybe not quite as powerful and dramatic.

Whether by fate or the the musical muses, Mitchell took the right advice and made the right move recording ‘Down And Dirty’ with the full crew of Dirty White Boyz. These musicians are top notch and all have learned the melodic hard rock lesson on the road and playing for more than thirty years.
Strong and entertaining collection of songs finely recorded & produced.
HIGHLY Recommended

01 – All She Wrote
02 – Dynamite
03 – Hangin On A Heartache
04 – Ride With Angels
05 – Playin Dirty
06 – Rise
07 – Waiting For This Feelin
08 – Sanctuary
09 – Hell To Pay
10 – All In The Name Of Rock N Roll
11 – After The Rain
12 – Bring It On

Tony Mitchell (Kiss Of The Gypsy) – Vocals, Guitars, Keyboard
Paul Hume (Demon, Lawless) – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Jamie Crees (Lawless) – Guitars
Nigel Bailey (Three Lions) – Bass, Backing Vocals
Neil Ogden (Demon, Lawless) – Drums, Backing Vocals


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