DERWOOD – Renegade (2017)

DERWOOD - Renegade (2017) full

Renegade” is the title of the new album from Canadian singer / songwriter DERWOOD, a veteran from the indie local scene. Despite the awful album cover, the records packs inside an enjoyable collection of classic hard rock songs.

The syle here is classic American hard rock with an ’80s inspiration, driven by sharp guitars and Mr. Derwood raspy vocals. Just listen the catchy ‘Cold Blooded’ and it not only will remind you early Cinderella but also Tom Keifer’s way of singing.
However, Derwood is a versatile shouter and he spread a different tone throughout the album. On ‘Walk Away’, as example, he sounds like a melodic version of Dee Snider.

‘Did My Best’ has melodic hard rock feeling, then ‘Reckless’ sounds like a raw Great White. ‘My Girl’ add a touch of glam, and ‘Runnin Blind’ recalls Sammy Hagar early ’80s solo albums.
‘Led Astray’ has a more clean classic rock atmosphere, whilst ‘Underground’ delivers a more dark vibe with a sound remisncent of L.A. Guns recent work.

DERWOOD - Renegade (2017)

“Renegade” is a fun, enjoyable record with the ‘indie craft’ stamped all over it. It’s far from perfect, sometimes raw, but precisely is in its indie conception where resides its charm.
This is the kind of records where you can feel the love for the music, low budget but tons of passion.
Derwood is a solid and multifaceted vocalist / songwriter, and his band ‘The Renegades’ (personnel not listed) is pretty tight and skilled, ovbiously also traveled musicians.
True rock ‘n roll from the guts. Two thumbs up.

01 – Walk Away
02 – Cold Blooded
03 – Did My Best
04 – Reckless
05 – My Girl
06 – Runnin Blind
07 – Highway to Hell
08 – Away
09 – Cruel Angel
10 – Led Astray
11 – Getaway
12 – Underground


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