BEYOND THE LABYRINTH – The Art Of Resilience (2017)

BEYOND THE LABYRINTH - The Art Of Resilience (2017) full

Following a successful funding campaign for their 4th album “The Art Of Resilience“, BEYOND THE LABYRINTH have signed to Belgian label Spinal Records which is distributed through Bertus, to release the album this March all over Europe.
If you are new to this Belgian band, their musical style range from traditional hard rock / melodic hard to progressive with an AOR touch. “The Art Of Resilience” is Beyond The Labyrinth’s most ambitious project to date; 3 years in the making and featuring a plethora of guest participation from all over the world: more than 20 guests.

To enlighten you with a quick vision of Beyond The Labyrinth’s style: think Magnum’s blend of melodic hard, progressive, AOR and ballads, add a touch of TEN (Gary Hughes), Asia and Saga, and you have it.
But Beyond The Labyrinth feature various, different vocalists turning the album even more interesting, attractive.
All songs are worth to listen with dynamic arrangements, but if a have to choose one, “Carry On” is among my favorites. It features the last recording of Belgian hard rock legendary vocalist Philippe ‘Wizz Wizzard’ Beauprez who passed away last year, plus a great guest guitar solo by Geert Annys (from the band Heart Attack).

There’s a very unique fusion of talented musicians in “The Art Of Resilience”, and their diverse contributions pushes the album to an unprecedented height.
Another highlight – of many on this disc – is ‘Salve Mater’ creating a very original musical atmosphere for the vocal contrast between Filip ‘Lype’ Lemmens (Fire Force) and the ethereal, ‘female choral voice’ of Elena Fieuw. It does something magical arise, difficult to put into words.

BEYOND THE LABYRINTH - The Art Of Resilience (2017) inside

Do yourself a favor and don’t let the unknown name Beyond The Labyrinth makes you miss this, their excellent album “The Art Of Resilience”.
It’s a fascinating piece of music, varied, entertaining, always melodic and with a vital pulse all over.
HIGHLY Recommended

01 – The Setup (Innocence Presumed)
02 – Carry On
03 – Someone Watching Over You
04 – Prince Of Darkness
05 – Liberation Day
06 – Shape Shifter
07 – Can’t Get Over You
08 – If You Believe
09 – Salve Mater
10 – Fall Of The Raven
11 – Waiting For The Dawn
12 – Virtual Connection

Geert Fieuw – Guitar, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Michel Lodder – Drums, Percussion
Sjoerd Bruyneel – Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Dominic Heynderickx – Bass
Josey Hindrix (lead vocals on 1)
Philippe Wizz Beauprez (lead vocals on 2)
Oliver Wright (lead vocals on 3, 12)
Colin Flynn (lead vocals on 4, 10)
Geoffrey Tarallo (lead vocals on 5)
Tony Carlino (lead vocals on 6)
Chitral Somapala (lead vocals on 7)
David Reed Watson (lead vocals on 8)
Filip Lemmens (lead vocals on 9)
John Ferreira (lead vocals on 11)
Geert Annys (guitar on 2)
Erwin Suetens (guitar on 2)
Tara Lynch (guitar on 3, 7, 8)
Dushan Petrossi (guitar on 10)
Brian Copp (guitar on 11)
Bob Goo (bass on 8)
Tommi Manninen (drums on 8)
Nox String Quartet (strings on 4, 10, 11)
Louise Fieuw, Elena Fieuw – backing vocals


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  1. Thank you for a great review ! no other way to contact you than this form, but feel free to erase the comment later :
    Errata :
    Wizz Beauprez's real name is Philippe, not Will
    Tara Lynch plays on tracks 3,7,8

  2. 0dayroxx says:

    Thanks for the corrections. Keep up the good work!

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