SUPERNOVA PLASMAJETS – Supernova Plasmajets (2017)

SUPERNOVA PLASMAJETS - Supernova Plasmajets (2017) full

SUPERNOVA PLASMAJETS is not the typically band signed by AOR Heaven Records, but I can hear why the label decided to add them to their roster and release the band’s self-titled full length debut “Supernova Plasmajets“.
And that is the strong ’80s heavy-rock songwriting / attitude the band infuse to their music complemented by a very modern production sound.

Yeah, this female-fronted combo has tons of attitude and a ballsy attack but always ruled by melodies and catchy choruses. Think the last Hardcore Superstar or Adrenaline Rush’s debut overall sound, yet the good thing in Supernova Plasmajets is that their music is spiced with ’80s-like glammy hard rock twin guitar riffs and a drum sound huge on compression.
Musically I find the songs to be very emotion-driven in their delivery, with a punchy attack and Jennifer Crush’s lead vocals plenty of urgency but at the same time full in control.

The party is on with opener “Leave Forever” driven by a heavy riffing, pumping bass line, smooth vocals and an explosive melodic chorus, a stomper to enjoy cranked to 11.
Check the video below (keep in mind it was shot 2 years ago, now the band has a more fierce image / attitude):

Then “Supernova Team” speed up things a bit with a clear early ’90s American heaviness, while with “Hold You Close” the band delivers a brilliant midtempo melodic gem that includes huge harmonies and, of course, another catchy chorus.
Those 3 first songs finely represents Supernova Plasmajets overall sound & style: heavy riffs, melodic rock sensibility and catchiness.
But there’s more to enjoy all over the album, such as the hooks galore of “Turn Off The Lights”, the tasty “Will I Ever Know” and the modern melodic rocker “Nothings Gonna Stop Me Now”, while the punchy “Faster” is a killer modern hard rock anthem build for big arenas.

Supernova Plasmajets are genuinely exciting and fresh sounding with unforgettable songs and full force headbanging energy. This album packs one hell of a melodic punch to the senses with songs as colourful as their appearance and imagery – yes you guessed it, so ’80s.
The songs have keen pop sensibilities and a potent commercial edge but they never deviate to far away from the power and crunch of their heavy-rock heart.

SUPERNOVA PLASMAJETS - Supernova Plasmajets (2017) inside

I see Supernova Plasmajets as a natural progression of the melodic hard rock genre, their sound being more current, but holding close to the heart of traditional sounding ‘melodic hard’ from the late ’80s / early ’90s.
We need more bands of this ilk to bring the new generations to the always gratifying melodic rock field.
Two Huge Thumbs Up!

01 – Leave Forever
02 – Supernova Team
03 – Hold You Close
04 – Turn off the Lights
05 – Will I Ever Know
06 – Nothing’s Gonne Stop Me Now
07 – Hangin’ on My Lips
08 – Faster
09 – Fallin’ Backwards
10 – Feel Your Fear
11 – Turn Around

Jennifer Crush (vocals)
Manni McFly (guitars)
Alexis Rose (drums)
Randy Stardust (guitars)
Cliff Bourbon (bass)


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