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After the successful response from the fans with the reissue of their ’80s material, German cult AOR outfit TOKYO returned with 4 out of the 5 original members (Klaus Luley, Robby Musenbichler, Ken Taylor & Lothar Krell) and this new album titled “One World“.
Original drummer Fritz Matzka died in 1992 and has been replaced by Aaron Thier.

While the band’s last official album ‘San’ (1983) was slightly more melodic rock oriented, 31 years have passed. And also for Tokyo members and their musical development.
“One World” delivers the typical Tokyo melodies, but as well different musical sources acquired by these musicians all over the years, specially Robby Musenbichler, always unquiet and searching for fresh musical grounds.
But don’t worry, “One World” is updated to modern times, yet still melodic.

Opener and title track “One World” has a steady mid-tempo rhythm with great AORish vocals and refined keyboards in the background. A cut with a single potential for Classic Rock Radio.
“I’m Free” is another song with an AOR touch akin Mr. Mister, although the chorus is more punchy and melodious. Later, “It’s Springtime Again” is a trademark Musenbichler ballad with nice acoustics, pianos and a little Scorpions feel.

TOKYO - One World (2014) band 2014

The poppy rocker “If We Don’t Believe” strangely reminds me their countryman Dominoe, and has a very interesting middle part, while the somehow hi-tech melodic rocker “Do You Feel The Thunder” brings to mind Luley’s other band, Craaft.
On the more different songs from the Tokyo traditional mould, we have the quite modern rocker “Stand Up” with a good guitar work and a little progressive passage, the poppy “Soon”, and the Euro-rock of “Children Of Darkness”. All are interesting and add a new facet to Tokyo’s music.

Perhaps old school melodic rockers and fans of the band’s first era were expecting another early ’80s sounding album from Tokyo, but the guys are showing on “One World” where they are musically now.
And I like what I hear, mixing the trademark melodies known from this quintet with exploring sounds always centered in rock but trying to avoid common places.
A quite recommended listening.

01 – One World
02 – Stand Up
03 – I’m Free
04 – If We Don’t Believe
05 – Soon
06 – It’s Springtime Again
07 – Sea Of Joy
08 – Fall Into Sleep
09 – Do You Feel The Thunder
10 – Children Of Darkness
11 – Desert Life

Robby Musenbichler – guitar, vocals
Klaus Luley – guitar, vocals
Ken Taylor – bass, vocals
Lothar Krell – keyboards, vocals
Aaron Thier – drums


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